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2013 to Present

Editor: Barry Allred; Associate Editors: Moe Momayez and Jeffrey Paine

Year Month Vol. Iss. Cover

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2017   December 22   4  

Agricultural Geophysics 

 ft22_4low ft22.4high 
2017 September 22 3

Special Issue on
California Groundwater and Geophysics

ft22_3low  ft22.3high 
2017 June 22 2 FastTIMES   ft22_2low ft22_2high 
2017 March 22 1 Special Issue:  Geophysics   ft22_1low  ft22_1high
2016 December  21 4

Special issue on Geophysical Investigations Using Muon Measurements

ft21_4low ft21_4high
2016 September 21 3

Karst Geophysics 

2016 June 21 2

Forensic Geophysics

2016 March 21 1 Special issue on the Application of Drone Technology for Geophysics  ft21_1low   ft21_1high 
2015 December 20 4

Recent Developments in the Radio Magnetotelluric Method 

2015 September 20 3 assets/images/past-issues/september 2015 fasttimes cover large.jpg

Feature Articles: Does Diving Wave Tomography Improve Discovery in Near Surface Refraction Seismology?
and a Supplement to the June Issue on Archaeological Geophysics: Comparison of Two GPR Surveys with Different Grid Spacings to Identify Unmarked Graves in the 19th Century Cemetery at Snyder County, PA



2015 June 20 2

Featured Article:  Archaeological Geophysics

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2015 March 20 1

Electromagnetic Induction Tools for Discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance: From Basic Physics to Blind Tests

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2014 December 19 4

EEGS Student Chapters:
Charles, Clemson, Kutztown, Memorial and Rutgers Universities

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2014 September 19 3  

UXO Geophysics

2014 June 19 2

Seismic Methods/
Capacitatively-Coupled Resistivity

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2014 March 19 1 Airborne Geophysics ft19_1low ft19_1high
2013 December 18 4
Low Cost Tromograph System for Microtremor Seismic Acquisition ft18_4low ft18_4high
2013 September 18 3 GPR Soil Water Content Measurement ft18_3low ft18_03high

2009 to 2012

Editor: Moe Momayez; Associate Editors: Barry Allred and Jeffrey Paine

Year Month Vol. Iss. Cover
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2012 June 17 2 Seismoelectric & Microgravity ft17_2low ft17_2high  
2012 March 17 1 Proximal Soil Sensing ft17_01low ft17_01high  
2011 December 16 4 Advances in Near-surface Seismology and Ground-penetrating Radar ft16_4low    
2011 September 16 3 Application of Geophysical Techniques for Earthquake Research ft16_3low ft16_03high  
2011 June 16 2 Magnetic and EM Techniques ft16_2low ft16_02high  
2011 March 16 1 cover v16 n1 Best of SAGEEP Issue ft16_1low ft16_01high  
2010 December 15 4 cover v15 n4 Agriculture: A Budding Field in Geophysics ft15_4low ft15_04high  
2010 October 15 3 cover v15 n3 Near-Surface Geophysical Investigations ft15_3low ft15_3high  
2010 July 15 2 cover v15 n1 Civil Infrastructure & Health Monitoring and Diagnosis ft15_2low ft15_2high  
2010 March 15 1 cover v15 n1 Software for Analysis of Near-Surface Geophysical Data ft15_1low ft15_1high  
2009 December 14 4 cover v14 n1 Hydro-Geological Geophysics ft14_4low ft14_4high  
2009 September 14 3 cover v14 n1 Advances in Agricultural Geophysics ft14_3low ft14_3high  
2009 July 14 2 cover v14 n1 Mapping and Detection of Abandoned Mines with Geophysics ft14_2low ft14_2high  

2007 to 2009

Editor: Jeffrey G. Paine; Associate Editors: Roger Young and Brad Isbell

Year Month Vol. Iss. Cover
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2009 March 14 1 cover v14 n1 Geotechnical Geophysics ft14_1low ft14_1high  
2008 December 13 4 cover v13 n4 Extraterrestrial Geophysics ft13_4low ft13_4high  
2008 September 13 3 cover v13 n3 Geophysics in Archaeology ft13_3low ft13_3high  
2008 July 13 2 cover v13 n2 Agricultural Geophysics ft13_2low ft13_2high  
2008 March 13 1 cover v13 n1 Geophysics on Water ft13_1low ft13_1high  
2007 December 12 4 cover v12 n4 Cold-Weather Geophysics ft12_4low ft12_4high