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Current Issue September 2019 Vol. 24.3

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A Forward by the Editor
From my perspective, one of the largest accomplishments of my tenure over the past three years is the growth of the journal. When I talk of growth, I not only mean the number of submissions and articles published, but also in terms of maturity. Granted, we are a small journal and the overall number of submissions to 
JEEG relative to other journals is quite low, but the number of submissions has increased every year and with this comes higher quality. We reject roughly 40% of articles now due to being low a quality submission relative to all of the other great work that I am happy to publish. The maturation process is happening organically and honestly, it is making my job a lot easier. 

One particular area of growth and maturity has been in electromagnetics. Roughly 30% of the papers published in the last three and a half years has been 

in TEM, AEM, CSAMT, MT, or other EM method. Eleven of these papers can be attributed to Dr. Guoqiang Xue of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing China.Examples of work by him and his team can be found in Khan al. (2018), Li et al.(2018b,c), Xue (2018), Xue et al. (2018a,b,c,d), and Zhou et al. (2018). I have the fortunate privilege of having Dr. Xue as an associate editor for JEEG. Two other board members who specialize in EM, Antonio Menghini and Vincenzo Sapia, have also published in JEEG and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with their work if interested (e.g., Sapia et al., 2014; Vignoli et al., 2017). Some other favorites include Chang et al. (2017), Eadie et al.(2017),Li et al. (2018a), Ren et al. (2017), Wynn et al. (2016), and Yin et al. (2017).

Dale Rucker, Editor

JEEG September 2019 Articles Published Online


Extracting Pseudo Wave Fields from Transient Electromagnetic Fields Using a Weighting Coefficients Approach
Junjie Xue, Jiulong Cheng, Guoqiang Xue, Hai Li, Dongyang Hou, Hua-Sen Zhong, Kangxin Lei, and Xiu Li 

Feasibility of Monitoring Hydraulic Connections between Aquifers Using Time-lapse TEM: A Case History in Inner Mongolia, China
Kang Chen, Junyan Zhang, Guoqiang Xue, Hao Huang, Weiying Chen, Jutao Hao, and Yuezhen Yue 

Mapping Subsurface Conditions and Detecting Seepage Channels for an Embankment Dam Using Geophysical Methods: A Case Study of the Kinion Lake Dam
Salman Rahimi, Timothy Moody, Clinton Wood, Behdad Mofarraj Kouchaki, Michelle Barry, Khiem Tran, and Chris King 

Application of Grounded Electrical Source Airborne Transient Electromagnetic (GREATEM) System in Goaf Water Detection
Dongsheng Li, Zhongbin Tian, Yulong Ma, Jiayue Gu, Yanju Ji, and Suyi Li 

Gaussian Processes for Hydrocarbon Depth Estimation in Forward Modeling of Seabed Logging
Muhammad Naeim Mohd Aris, Hanita Daud, Sarat Chandra Dass, and Khairul Arifin Mohd Noh 

Application of Borehole Radar Data Processing Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
Xuzhou Zuo, Chunguang Ma, Jianping Xiao, and Qing Zhao 

Polarity Change Extraction of GPR Data for Under-road Cavity Detection: Application on Sudeoksa Testbed Data
Jongha Hwang, Donggeon Kim, Xiangyue Li, and Dong-Joo Min 

Geophysical Interpretation of a Subsurface Landslide in the Southern Qinshui Basin
Qiang Chen, Sheng Zhang, Suoliang Chang, Bo Liu, Jun Liu, and Jianhui Long 

Quality Assessment of a Cut-Off Wall Dike Reinforcement by 2D-ERI
Yannick Fargier, Yannick Ananfouet, Sérgio Palma Lopes, Lucile Saussaye, Ludovic Dore, Clara Jodry, Cyrille Fauchard, and Grégory Bièvre 

Using Geophysics to Investigate Texture and Salinity of Agricultural Soils and Their Impact on Crop Growth in El Paso County, Texas
Diane I. Doser, Marc A. Ornelas, Isaac Martinez, Lixin Jin, Anna Ortiz, and Galen M. Kaip 

Application of Apparent Resistivity Ratio on the Interpretation of Small Central-loop TEM Survey in Areas of Conductive Overburden
Hu Zhao, Sheng Zhou, Rui Li, Zhenzhu Xi, and Xia Long 

Forward Modeling of GPR Data by Unstaggered Finite Difference Frequency Domain (FDFD) Method: An Approach towards an Appropriate Numerical Scheme
Mrinal Kanti Layek and Probal Sengupta 

Water Detection within the Working Face of an Underground Coal Mine Using 3D Electric Resistivity Tomography (ERT)
Weifu Gao, Longqing Shi, and Peihe Zhai 

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