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Current Issue March, 2022 Vol. 27.1

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Editors' Foreword 

Welcome to the March 2022 issue of the Journal of
Environmental and Engineering Geophysics. The issue contains five high quality articles covering research and developments in geophysics. We appreciate all authors, editors and reviewers, who contributed to this issue, and look forward to receiving more of your research for consideration in future issues.

It is our honor to introduce the following best reviewers of the JEEG vol. 27, issue 1: Dr. Roman
Pasteka (Comenius University, Slovakia), Prof. Giulio Vignoli (Universita degli Studi Di Cagliari), Dr. Julian
Ivanov (Kansas Geological Survey), Prof. Ben K. Sternberg (University of Arizona), and Dr. Alexander
Saraev (Saint Petersburg State University). Thank you so much for your time and efforts.

  Afshin Aghayan, Editor
Aleksandra Varnavina, Editor

JEEG March, 2022 Articles Published Online

Baoqing Tian, Xiaodong Lei, Huazhong Jiang, Chenlu Xu, and Mingpeng Song
Multi-Method Geophysical Mapping of a Geothermal Reservoir and Buried Channel in Langfang, Northern Part of China

Zhouhan Hu, Mei Liu, Yaxun Wang, Maosheng Ye, and Shengxuan Li
Geophysical Assessment of Freshwater Intrusion into Saline Aquifers Beneath Plain Reservoirs

Marina G. Persova, Yuri G. Soloveichik, Denis V. Vagin, Anastasia P. Sivenkova, Anna S. Kiseleva, Dmitry S. Kiselev, Marina G. Tokareva
3D Modeling of Time-domain AEM Fields with IP Effect in Complex Media with Topography

Lucie Costard, Tina Wunderlich, Katja Gru¨ neberg-Wehner, Felix Noah Wolf, Ercan Erkul, Michael Gra¨ber and Wolfgang Rabbel
The Deserted Manor of Noer, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Geophysical Prospection Methods in Comparison

Near Surface Geophysical Letters

Dan R. Glaser, Fridon Shubitidze, and Benjamin E. Barrowes
Standoff High-Frequency Electromagnetic Induction Response of Unsaturated Sands: A Tank-Scale Feasibility Study

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