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Current Issue March 2020 Vol. 25.1

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A Forward by the Editor

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics. What began as a fledgling publication for disseminating applied research in the area of near surface geophysics has grown to a significant scientific contribution with articles from all over the world. To celebrate the achievement, we embarked on a journey to redesign the face of the journal including an upgrade to the article layout and a modern looking cover. The design process was crowd sourced through the EEGS board and fellow geophysicists. I would like to particularly thank Shawn Calendine and Mark Dunscomb for their design ideas for the cover.

As we head into the next 25 years, it is interesting to imagine where the science will take us. New acquisition hardware and software will allow us to acquire and process data faster, upscaling the surveys significantly. New parameterizations will help us bridge into complementary sciences of hydrology, mining, and engineering. Applications will be geared towards the tracking of long term effects of climate change. I look forward to reading of their investigations between the covers of writing this editorial from the confines of my house, sitting at a makeshift desk made from a plastic card table in the guest bedroom. The coronavirus has forced us all in doors for the past month and it is unknown when we will be able to emerge and return to life as we knew it. Millions of people are already infected and it is expected that many will perish. For this reason, the annual meeting SAGEEP was postponed. I typically announce the winner of the Alan Witten Best Paper Award during conference, but I am happy to do it here as well. The winner is Gungor Bidem Beskardes with her paper titled “Power Density Distribution in Subsurface Fractures Due to an Energized Steel Well-casing Source” (Beskardes et al., 2019). The paper explores a novel method of remotely powering underground sensors with electromagnetics. The competition was stiff and I encourage you to read the four papers that made the final round, including the works by Huntley et al. (2019), Rahimi et al. (2019), and Wu et al. (2019).

Dale Rucker, Editor

JEEG March, 2020 Articles Published Online

Evaluation of Electrical Resistivity for Non-destructive Seepage Detection on an Urban Underground Diaphragm Wall
Cai Yang, Shengdong Liu, Enjie Ding, Haiping Yang, and Jingyan Xie

Self-potential Data Interpretation for Two Co-axial Structures Utilizing the RMS Parameter
Khalid S. Essa, Zein E. Diab, and Mahmoud Elhussein

Joint Inversion of Magnetotelluric Impedance and Tipper Data in 3D Axial Anisotropic Media
Wei Luo, Kunpeng Wang, Hui Cao, Changsheng Duan, Tao Wang, and Xingxiang Jian

A Theoretical Study of Underground Magnetic Resonance Sounding for the Advanced Detection of Water Influxes in Tunnels
Yue Zhao, Jun Lin, Chuandong Jiang, and Xiaofeng Yi

2D High-Resolution Crosswell Seismic Traveltime Tomography
Chuan Li, JianXin Liu, Jianping Liao, and Andrew Hursthouse

Electrical Resistivity Dynamics Beneath the Weathered Mine Tailings in Response to Ambient Temperature
Vladimir V. Olenchenko, Polina S. Osipova, Nataliya V. Yurkevich, and Svetlana B. Bortnikova

Experimental Study on GPR Detection of Voids inside and behind Tunnel Linings
Hui Qin, Xiongyao Xie, Yu Tang, and Zhengzheng Wang

Using an Azimuth Electromagnetic Wave Imaging Method to Detect and Characterize Coal-seam Interfaces and Low-resistivity Anomalies
Gang Chen, Yiren Fan, and Quanxi Li

Bayesian Time-lapse Difference Inversion Based on the exact Zoeppritz Equations with Blockiness Constraint
Lin Zhou, Jianping Liao, Jingye Li, Xiaohong Chen, Tianchun Yang, and Andrew Hursthouse

Site Characterization of Soil-rock Mixture Sedimentary Stratum Based on HVSR Analysis in the Chinese Loess Plateau
Ruyun Tian, Liwei Ma, Xiaohua Zhou, Junqiu Wang, Jun Lin, and Dongsheng Li

Differential Target Antenna Coupling (DTAC) EM Surveying with Stationary Transmitter Loop and Moving In-Loop Receivers
Ben K. Sternberg

A Weighting Function-Based Method for Resistivity Inversion in Subsurface Investigations
Lichao Nie, Zhao Ma, Bin Liu, Zhenhao Xu, Wei Zhou, Chengkun Wang, Junyang Shao, and Xin Yin

A Study on the Characteristics of Electromagnetic Radiation during Deformation and Failure of Different Materials Under Uniaxial Compression
Qifei Wang, Chengwu Li, Beijing Xie, Yuechao Zhao, and Dihao Ai

Near Surface Geophysical Letters

Ground Penetrating Radar Attenuation Expressions in Shallow Groundwater Research
Maria Catarina Paz, Francisco J. Alcalá, and Luís Ribeiro

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