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Current Issue June, 2022 Vol. 27.2

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Editors' Foreword 

It is our great pleasure to present the June issue of the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geo-physics. The issue contains four high quality articles about advances in geophysical science. We congratulate all authors, editors and reviewers, who contributed in successfully completing the second issue of 2022, and look forward to receiving more of your research for consideration in future issues.

It is our honor to introduce the following best reviewers of the JEEG vol. 27, issue 2: Dr. Animesh Mandal (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur), Erdinc Oksum (Süleyman Demirel University), Kennedy Doro (University of Toledo, Ohio), Laura Sherrod (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania), Nan-Nan Zhou (Ocean University of China), Sam Butler (University of Toronto), and Zhiqu Lu (University of Mississippi). Thank you so much for your time and efforts. 

  Afshin Aghayan, Editor
Aleksandra Varnavina, Editor

JEEG June, 2022 Articles Published Online

Mohammadkarim Karimpour, Evert Cornelis Slob and Laura Valentina Socco
Physically Constrained 2D Joint Inversion of Surface and Body Wave Tomography 

Dipjyoti Baglari, Arindam Dey and Jumrik Taipodia
Subsurface Profiling Using Roadside MASW Survey: Influence of Multiple Sources and Offline Distance 

Hua-ming Li, Ji-feng Zhang, Tian-xin Shang, Zhi-ping Hu, Yu Shi, Le-jun Cai and Ping Huang
The Whole-Space Modeling of the Hazardous Geological Body ahead of the Tunnel Face by the Transient
Electromagnetic Method 

Zhihai Jiang, Wenchuang Wang, Gongjin Zang and Zhaotao Yan
Ultra-complex Geological Anomalies Modeling on Transient Electromagnetic Response 

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