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Life of Mine - Maintaining Sustainability through Geoscience

EEGS and AEG have collaborated to bring this virtual Symposium to those interested in learning about "The Role of Geoscience in Mine Site Regulation, Running, Rehabilitation, Re-purposing, Retirement, and Reclamation."  Registration for the May 15-17, 2023 virtual symposium will open Feb. 27, 2023.

EEGS Foundation Announces 2022 Student Scholarships

The EEGS Foundation is pleased to announce the 2022 winners of the EEGS Foundation student scholarships. We are excited to have awarded a scholarship of $2,000 to each Abdullah Alhaj and Nicolette V. Filippone for the 2022-2023 academic year.  Click here to learn more about the EEGS Foundation and the 2022 winners

Check Out the Latest Job Postings (9/12/22)

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EEGS Membership Passes Bylaws Amendment to Expand Board At-Large Member Positions

The EEGS Board of Directors' proposed a motion to revise the Bylaws, which was sent to the Members for passage or rejection.  The amendment was approved and the EEGS Bylaws will be revised accordingly.  The revision will be in effect for the upcoming 2022/23 Board election.

Passage of the Bylaws amendment increases the number of At-Large members to seven (7); consequently, increasing the Board member total to 15.  EEGS Board member Barry Allred, Nominations Committee chair, explained the rational for the motion to revise the Bylaws:  “The bylaws change was to add two additional at-large EEGS board members to address critical staffing needs related to EEGS committees and to support newly developed initiatives, such as the EEGS TAG Webinar Series, the DEI Task Force, and stand-alone virtual or in-person symposiums and workshops."  

Have You Seen the New FastTIMES?  EEGS Announces a Dedicated Website and New Features

FastTIMES Editor German Ojeda recently announced the launching of a brand-new, dedicated website for!  Here are a few highlights:

  • Search tool: Visitors can search across all uploaded articles by keyword
  • Multilingual option: Readers can now choose among over 30 languages to read uploaded FastTIMES papers by using the built-in language translator
  • Video interviews: Watch up-close and personal interviews with senior geophysicists
  • Responsive design for ease of access from laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • As a tribute to SAGEEP 2021 and the 1st Munitions Response Meeting, we have started uploading papers from Vol 26 Number 1 "UXO Geophysics."

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Due to increased costs of publication, the Environmental and Engineering Society is instituting a new fee schedule for articles published in JEEG.  The fee schedule will begin for new articles submitted in 2021. The fee schedule was also designed to encourage authors to become members of EEGS.

  • For members (the first or corresponding author needs to be an EEGS Member): Flat rate per article of $100 (USD), excess page charge (for each page beyond 10 journal pages) of $50, and color figure fee of $100 per color figure.  (Join EEGS or renew membership)
  • For non-members: Flat rate per article of $500, excess page charge (for each page beyond 10 journal pages) of $100, and color figure fee of $100 per color figure.

These fees will be assessed upon acceptance of the article for publication.  For more information about JEEG, and its new SCIMAGO rating of 3.3 (highest since inception), click here.

Reflections on Picture a Scientist Screening and Happy Hour with the EEGS’ DEI Task Force

For the inaugural event of the EEGS’ DEI Task Force, we hosted a virtual screening of the film Picture a Scientist on October 1-2, 2020. We had over 150 registrants from 13 countries participate in the screening. Our post even happy hour focused on exploring the devastating themes from the film and how we can all best be allies for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our panelists, Dr. Kisa Mwakanyamale, Dr. German Y Ojeda, Cian Dawson, and Emily Hart each provided unique perspectives of their own experiences in near-surface geophysics and how they related to the film. We shared a moderated discussion and moved into breakout rooms to discuss the film and share experiences among all participants. The production company graciously agreed to set up a screening room for attendees. There was a small fee associated with that platform. To cover this cost, the Task Force solicited donations to cover the cost of the screening room. Moreover, all additional funds from this fundraiser will go to the EEGS DEI Task Force specifically for the implementation of the following goals:

  • Diversity and equity education, promotion, and dialogue within our profession for greater understanding and inclusion within and among our profession
  • Community outreach to future generations of geoscientists and engineers at SAGEEP meetings
  • Growing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our membership and leadership

The EEGS DEI Task Force is looking forward to using these funds to bring you more engaging events!

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) Issues Statement on Social Injustice

At its most recent meeting, the Board of Directors and key personnel discussed and adopted the following statement:

Acknowledging our duty and ethical commitment to protect public welfare and provide equitable treatment, EEGS fully supports movements that denounce racism in all forms that permeate society today. We acknowledge the pain and trauma that communities of color are experiencing and stand with them in solidarity. As such, EEGS affirms its commitment to serve communities, the profession and our members with the highest standards of integrity, fairness, dignity and respect. Together, we can make a difference.

The Board also named several members to a task force, which will develop policies and initiatives to further the intent of the statement.