Exhibiting and Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibitor Prospectus & Sponsorship Opportunities

The SAGEEP 2019 Exhibitor Prospectus lists remaining sponsoring opportunities. Please contact the Exhibits Manager (contact information below) with details and questions.

Ms. Micki Allen, Exhibits Manager
Marac Enterprises
146 Sparks Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M2H 2S4
Tel: 1.905.474.9118
Fax: 1.905.474.1968
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.marac.com

Please download the Exhibitor Kit in PDF format here:  SAGEEP 2019 Exhibitor Kit


SAGEEP 2019 Preliminary Exhibitor List

(as of 1.31.19)

Abitioi Geophysique
Abitibi Geophysique
Advanced Geosciences, Inc.
Applied Acoustic Engineering, Ltd.
Century Geophysical
ConeTec Investigations, Ltd.
DMT GmbH & Co. KG
European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) 
Exploration Instruments, LLC 
Foerster Instruments, Inc. 
Geodevice, LLC 
Geogiga Technology Corporation 
Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd. 
Geometrics, Inc. 
Geonics Limited 
Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) 
GF Instruments 

Guideline Geo USA
IDS GeoRadar North America
IRIS Instruments 
LIM Logging
Meter Group, Inc.
Mount Sopris Instrument Company, Inc. 
Multiphase Technologies, LLC 
Robertson Geologging (USA) Inc. 
The R.T. Clark Companies, Inc. 
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) 
Seismic Source
Sensors & Software, Inc. 
Subsea Technologies, Inc.
Terraplus Inc. 
Vista Clara Inc.
Zonge International, Inc.
ZZ Resistivity Imaging, Pty., Ltd.

SAGEEP 2019 Exhibitors' Equipment Outdoor Demonstrations

Join fellow SAGEEP attendees on Monday, March 18, 2019 from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. at the
Tom McCall Waterfront park  (across from the hotel hotel, Portland Marriott Downtown to view the equipment demonstrations provided by the companies below:

Foerster Group

FOERSTER'S FEREX 4.034 is a fluxgate magnetometer based field computer that is designed for geophysical, military, & archeological use. It can be used as a hand-held instrument, or in an array with up to four probes. It's available with data analysis software designed to organize, retain and evaluate mapped data.

Geodevice, LLC

ARMT-5 complex is designed for implementation of a big variety of geoelectrical methods: (CS-)AMT, CSEM, (CS-)RMT. Its wide frequency range (0.1 Hz - 1 MHz) makes it possible to apply this tool to study depths from first meters up to several kilometers thus covering a wide application range.

Geometrics,  2190 Fortune  Dr. 2190 Fortune Dr.   
San Jose, California  95131
United States

Geometrics introduces Atom cableless seismograph designed to quickly obtain 5-wave velocity to depths of 1km without cables. The Atom is a complete solution composed of multiple single/three channel units and Seislmager processing software. Each unit features 24-bit A/D conversion, GPS, and data storage, all in a small, lightweight, easy-to-use box.

1745 Meyerside Dr.
Mississauga, ON  L5T 1C6

The new EM61-LX2 Metal Detector is an affordable option for advanced detection of unexploded ordnance, including submunitions, in challenging environments.  New features include user adjustable real-time alarm settings, rejection of magnetic soil response and options to hand-carry with two- or one-meter swaths.

40 Simon St.
Nashua, New Hampshire 3060             
United States

GSSI, the world leader in GPR, will provide demonstrations of our newest compact UtilityScan featuring a 350 MHz antenna with our patented HyperStacking technology, ideal for shallow subsurface investigations.

Guideline Geo USA
1270 Drop Off Drive, Unit B
Summerville, SC 29486
United States

Join us in a field demonstration of our brand-new WideRange GPR which has an effective bandwidth of 80MHz to 950MHz with high-resolution data acquisition for both shallow and deep targets.  The MALÅ real-time sampling technology offers higher data resolution and significantly better depth of penetration compared to traditional GPR technology.

IDS GeoRadar
14828 West 6th Ave.
Unit 12-B
Golden, Colorado 80401
United States

Come see the IDS GeoRadar Hi MOD GPR System. The Hi MOD is a modular array that is easy to set up and reconfigure in the field. It uses anywhere from 1-4 dual frequency antennas, allowing the system to be used in any available space, while also speeding data acquisition. 

4000 Faber Place, Suite 300
Charleston, SC  29405
United States

ImpulseRadar introduces its dual ƒ real time sampling Crossover CO1760. The CO1760 is designed to provide maximum depth penetration for bedrock and void detection as well as provide superior resolution of internal reflectors. This is achieved from the effective bandwidth from the combined RTS antennas 60 MHz to 900 MHz.

Multi-Phase Technologies LLC

Multi-Phase Technologies LLC will introduce its newest, induced-polarization tomography system the DAS-M. The DAS-M is modular, multi-source capable, self-configuring multi-channel wireless acquisition system. It can collect both time-domain and spectral induced polarization data and included full-waveform recording at 1200 samples per second.

Sensors & Software Inc.
1040 Stacey Court
Mississuaga, ON L422X8

Sensors & Software manufactures ground penetrating radar (GPR) products.
Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, pavement and concrete helps solve many problems. Our years of experience, world-leading products and responsive service enable delivery of effective solutions.


ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty Ltd.
7 De Laine Ave, Edwardstown
Adelaide, South Australia 5072


Meet the World’s first Full-Channel Resistivity/IP data acquisition system. A more advanced way of data acquisition brings over 80K data within an hour. Fully uses all 64/96 electrodes to collect data for each A, B current injection.