Special Issues of the Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG)

JEEG is famous for its special issues dedicated to timely topics for the near surface geophysical community.  We often team with guest editors to present a large group of papers that draw from individual sessions of a conference or topics that are gaining traction.  Below is the list of special issues presented in JEEG over the years.  

If you have an idea that deserves special attention, please contact JEEG's co-editors (Afshin Aghayan - [email protected] and Aleksandra Varnavina - [email protected]) to work out details of the call for papers, guest editors involved, and the means of contacting potential authors for submissions. For special issues, we aim for 6 to 10 papers.

Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies – GUUSS
Volume 24 (4): 2019


9th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar - IWAGPR2017
Volume 23 (4):  2018


Exploring Geophysics in China (see call for papers)
Guest Editors: Guoqiang Xue and Jianghai Xia
Volume 23 (2): 2018

Description: This issue features themes such as recent progress in instrument development for near surface geophysics in China, novel near surface geophysical systems in China, data acquisition, modeling, and inversion in China, and case histories for all aspects of near surface geophysics in China. 


Airborne Geophysics (click cover to enlarge)
Guest Editors: Les Beard and Antonio Menghini
Volume 22 (1): 2017

Description: Airborne based platforms for acquiring geophysical data is popular for assessing large areas quickly. In this special issue, there is a particular focus on time domain electromagnetics.


GPR2012–GPR for Hydrology and Groundwater Problems
Guest Editors: Lanbo Liu and Steven Arcone
Volume 19 (4): 2014 

Description: This special issue draws from papers presented at the14th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR 2012). The conference was held in Shanghai, China from June 4-8, 2012.


Introduction to Near Surface Geophysical Letters
Guest Editor: Bruce Smith
Volume 19 (3): 2014 

Description: This issue introduces the new Near Surface Geophysical Letters (NSGL), a format that promotes rapid publication of emerging technologies and interesting case histories. The format is a manuscript with 3000 words or less and up to four figures.


Time Domain Electromagnetics
Guest Editor: Antonio Menghini
Volume 19 (1): 2014 

Description: The special issue on time domain electromagnetic (TEM) methods was based on a perception that recent innovations and developments, both in instrumentation and processing, deemed it time to perform a checkup on the state-of-the-art of the method. The advancements in the issue address ground-based, offshore, and airborne applications.


Geotechnical Assessment and Geo-environmental Engineering Geophysics
Guest Editors: Moe Momayez, Fred Boadu, Nigel Cassidy, and Denis Jongmans
Volume 18 (4): 2013 

Description: This Special Joint-Issue of the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics and Near Surface Geophysics entitled “Geotechnical Assessment and Geo-environmental Engineering” is a selection of original contributions organized under two themes. Near Surface Geophysics presents eight articles on the application of the electrical resistivity techniques to determine the geotechnical properties of the ground, and the integration of geophysical and geotechnical data. The Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics contains seven papers that investigate the stability of structures using seismic techniques.


Agricultural Geophysics
Guest Editors: Barry Allred and Bruce Smith
Volume 15 (3): 2010 

Description: There has been a rapid expansion of agricultural geophysics research just over the past fifteen years. One developing topic in agricultural geophysics is advancing the understanding of relationships between measurement parameters (e.g., interpreted electrical conductivity) to physical properties of soils and their interaction with water. Some of the exciting work being done is highlighted within this JEEG special agricultural geophysics issue.


Guest Editor: Jose Llopis
Volume 13 (3): 2008 

Description: This special issue on unexploded ordnance (UXO) features advances in UXO detection and discrimination since 1994. 


Geophysics and Glacial and Frozen Materials

Guest Editor: Bernd Kulessa and John Woodward
Volume 12 (1): 2007 

Description: This Special Issue arises from a conference on Geophysics and Glacial Materials, hosted by the Environmental and Industrial Geophysics Group, The Geological Society, UK, held at the School of Applied Sciences, Northumbria University, UK, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the British Branch of the International Glaciological Society from 14–16 September 2005.