Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG)

The JEEG; ISSN 1083-1363) is the peer-reviewed journal of the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS). JEEG welcomes manuscripts on new developments in near-surface geophysics applied to environmental, engineering, and mining issues as well as novel near-surface geophysics case histories. JEEG is published four times a year and is available online.  It is listed in the Science Citation Index.  JEEG's CiteScore from 2017-2020 is 3.2.    

JEEG Editors-in-Chief
The current JEEG Editors-in-Chief are: 

Afshin Aghayan - [email protected]
Aleksandra Varnavina - [email protected]

Any questions related to content, schedule, or production, can be emailed to our Editors-in-Chief.

Manuscript Submission Site
Scientific Writing Workshop: How to Publish your Findings Presented at SAGEEP 2017 by Dale Rucker, former Editor, JEEG

Page Charges
Due to increased costs of publication, the Environmental and Engineering Society instituted a new fee schedule for articles published in JEEG beginning Jan. 1, 2021.  Manuscripts submitted prior to the Jan. 1 date are not subject to the page charges.  (Authors who only need to pay for color figures can use printable or online form.)  The fee schedule was also designed with EEGS' desire to encourage authors to become members of EEGS.

  • For members (the first or corresponding author needs to be an EEGS Member): Flat rate per article of $100 (USD) for the first 10 journal pages, excess page charge (for each page beyond 10 journal pages) of $50 (USD), and color figure fee of $100 (USD) per color figure.  (Join EEGS or renew membership)
  • For non-members: Flat rate per article of $500 (USD) for the first 10 journal pages, excess page charge (for each page beyond 10 journal pages) of $100 (USD), and color figure fee of $100 per color figure.

These fees will be assessed upon acceptance of the article for publication.  Once the publisher provides the galley proof using the page count, authors can use the printable Page Charges and Color Figure formOnce payment is processed, authors will be sent a confirmation and a paid invoice via email.  Authors should use this paid invoice to notify Editors that fees have been paid and the manuscript can be published.  Please Note:  The publisher sometimes adds an extra page at the end of the galley proofs for queries; this page should NOT be included in your excess page count.  You will be charged for the number of excess pages you indicate on your completed form - please be certain of your count as the refund process is lengthy and is discouraged.  Authors cannot make any changes once a manuscript passes the peer-review process. 

Color Figures in Manuscripts
The costs for printing figures in color are passed on to authors.  Figures can be published in color if payment is made online ( or by e-mailing a completed printable form and payment to the EEGS business offices no later than 3 days after the first galley proof corrections are submitted:  Printable Page Charges and Color Figure(s) form.

Author Information Packet
The online manuscript submission and publication process is handled by Allen Press. Submit your article to Manuscript Submission site. However, before submitting your article, please consult the JEEG Style Guidelines and the other important documents below:

JEEG Style Guide alt
Copyright release form alt
Page Charges and Color Figure formalt
Allen Press Verifig figure verification instructions alt
Keyword form alt
Example manuscript submission alt (note headings, references, figure creation with grayscale contours, author information, line numbers, page numbers) 

Author Awards

JEEG offers an opportunity for published authors to win the yearly Best Paper Award in honor of Alan Witten.  The Best Paper Award is decided by the EEGS board of directors after a recommendation from the current JEEG editor. The award is presented yearly at SAGEEP.