Committee Chairs

Finance Committee Chair 

Dale D. Werkema
944 E. Harmon Ave.
Las Vegas, NV  89119
United States
Phone (702) 303-3368
Email: [email protected] 


Membership Committee Chair

Lia Martinez
Mount Sopris Instrument Company, Inc.
4975 E. 41st Avenue
Denver, CO 80216
United States
Phone: (303) 279-3211 ext. 103 
Email: Lia.Ma[email protected]


Inter-Society Committee Chair

Bruce D. Smith        
U.S. Geological Survey
Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center
Denver Federal Center I PO Box 25046,MS964     
Denver CO 80225            
Phone: (303) 236-1399
Fax:  (303) 236-3200 
Email: [email protected]

Nominations and Awards Committee Chair

Laura  Sherrod              
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania     
138 Boehn Science Center     
Kutztown, PA  19530
United States    
Phone: (269) 491-0524     
Email: [email protected]

Student Committee Chair

Bethany L. Burton
USGS, Crustal Geophysics & Geochemistry Science Center 
PO Box 25046, MS 964 
Denver, CO 80225
United States
Phone: (303) 236-1327
Email: [email protected] 


Communications & Publications Committee Chair

Darren Mortimer 
Geosoft, Inc.
14 Kenney St.
Acton,  ON L7J3B1
Phone: (416) 369-0111
[email protected]