FastTIMES Editorial Team Opportunities

EEGS is seeking those interested in joining the FastTIMES Editorial team.  Geophysicists / geoscientists who have the passion, time, energy and interest to participate as a Managing Editor should contact EEGS Communications and Publications Chair: Judy Robinson (j[email protected]) or FastTIMES Editor-in-Chief: Geoff Pettifer ([email protected]; cell phone: +1-360-989-6771). 

There is also opportunity to occasionally deliver a single issue of the magazine with a theme of your choice.  You would be serving as Editor for the specific issue (under the Managing Editor's purview), including selecting a theme of sustainability for geoscience and geo-engineering identified as worthy of focus in the various sectors where near-surface geophysical methods can be applied.  Contact Judy Robinson or Geoff Pettifer for more informationFor a full description of these opportunities, click here