Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG)



The JEEG (ISSN 1083-1363) is the peer-reviewed journal of the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS). JEEG welcomes manuscripts on new developments in near-surface geophysics applied to environmental, engineering, and mining issues, as well as novel near-surface geophysics case histories and descriptions of new hardware aimed at the near-surface geophysics community.  JEEG's Journal Impact Factor: 1.52 (SCIMAGO) and 1.39 (SCOPUS), JEEG's highest since inception.  Submit your article to

Publication in JEEG is free for grayscale figures.  Nominal costs are associated with color figures, either in hardcopy print or digital online.

JEEG is published four times a year and is delivered, in print, to EEGS members.  JEEG is also available to members online (ISSN 1943-2658):

JEEG Editor in Chief
The current JEEG editor is Dale Rucker.
 Any questions related to content, schedule, or production, can be relayed to him:  [email protected].  JEEG also relies on a dedicated set of volunteer associate editors.  If you are interested in volunteering as an AE, please contact Dr. Rucker.  Areas of expertise sought include: gravity and magnetics. 

Past Editors of JEEG:

Alan Witten 1996-1998
Mel Best 1998-2000
Angela Davis 2000-2003
Jonathan Nyquist 2003-2007
Janet Simms 2007-2016

Article Types
JEEG offers two options for publication: a Near Surface Geophysical Letter (NSGL) and a full research article. The difference between the two is the length of the article and the general time to publication. NSGLs are typically 1000-3000 words with up to four figures. Full articles are in excess of 3000 words and there are no limits to figures. However, a general rule of thumb is to have 1 to 2 times the number of figures per 1000 words. A 5000 word article can accommodate about 5 to 10 figures. The NSGL can also make its way through the publication system faster as it takes less time to review.

Color Figures in Manuscripts
The costs for printing figures in color will be passed on to the authors.  A completed order form and payment must be submitted to the EEGS business office no later than 10 days after the first galley proof corrections are submitted.  Online Color Figure(s) Order Form

Author Information Packet
The online manuscript submission and publication process is handled by Allen Press. Submit your article to Other important documents for publication are available below:
JEEG Style Guide
Copyright release form
Color figure order form
Allen Press Guide for Figures
Allen Press Verifig figure verification instructions
Keyword form
Example manuscript submission (note headings, references, figure creation with gray scale contours, author information, line numbers, page numbers)

Author Benefits and Awards 

JEEG presents two opportunities for published authors: a free membership to EEGS and an opportunity to win the yearly Best Paper Award in honor of Alan Witten.  The free membership is given at the time of the notification and is limited to three authors per paper.  For work to be published in the March, June, or September issues, membership is provided for the calendar year of the issue.  For work published in the December issue, membership begins the following calendar year. The Best Paper Award is decided by the EEGS board of directors after a recommendation from the current JEEG editor.  The award is presented yearly at SAGEEP.