FastTIMES, an electronic newsmagazine for the near-surface geophysical sciences, has been published quarterly by the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society since 1998. It showcases novel uses of near-surface geophysics in a manner that is intended to be interesting to geophysicists as well as accessible to others who may be interested in using geophysics. Each issue features technical articles on diverse topics, news from the near-surface geophysical community, information on recent and coming events, titles of articles published in near-surface journals, and notices of professional opportunities. It is distributed to EEGS members and offered to several associated professional societies within and outside the geophysics community. Current and past issues are currently freely available to those logged in for download from the EEGS web site.

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New FastTIMES Editor-in-Chief Named

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Geoff Pettifer as our new Editor-in-Chief for FastTIMES. Geoff is a Principal Consultant – Hydrogeology and Geophysics at GHD, with over 45 years specialized experience in the practical application of geophysics to groundwater, geotechnical, mining, environmental, infrastructure, petroleum, coal and mineral resource projects. Geoff splits his time between Perth Australia and Vancouver WA, and is a former editor of ASEG Preview magazine, editing 24-issues over 4-years. His ideas come from broad experience and enthusiasm for geophysics in the industry. Geoff’s mantra is: “there is no such thing as the good old days in geophysics – the good old days are always ahead of us because we are always improving and innovating, and we need to talk that up and celebrate it.” 

Geoff will become the 12th editor for FastTimes, first published by EEGS in 1992, and quarterly since 1998. Past FastTIMES editors include the following individuals: 
Phil Carpenter 1992-1993
Steve Daut 1993-1997
Michael Powers 1997-1998 V3:2
Ron Kaufmann 1999-2001 V4:1-V6:1
Rick Taylor 2001-2001 V6:2-V7:2
Norm Carlson 2002-2003 V 7:3-V8-3
Ron Bell 2004-2005 V9:1-V10:1
Brad Isbell 2005-2006 V10-2-V10-3
Jeffrey G Paine 2006-2009 V11:1-V14:1 
Moe Momayez 2009-2012 V14:2-V17:2
Barry Allred 2013-2017 V18:3-V22:2