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EEGS has developed a new educational webinar series exploring topics ranging from scientific presentations to a deeper dive into noted authors’ published articles. The webinar series is intended to offer an informal setting and an interactive opportunity to address diverse geophysical topics. Students will be pleased to see that some scheduled topics will focus on career paths, working with your advisor, etc. and small business owners will benefit from sessions ranging from business technical tools to client management.

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EEGS TAG Webinar – April 14, 2021
"Proximal Soil Sensing: State of the Science"
Presenter: Craig Lobsey - University of Southern Queensland

7:00 PM Eastern, 6:00 PM Central, 5:00 PM Mountain, 4:00 PM Pacific
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Sensor measurement is important to the understanding and optimisation of many systems, providing valuable information on system states and their trajectories. However, our ability to observe soil and agricultural systems is still greatly restricted. This is because of the incredible complexity and interaction of the many physical, chemical, and biological processes that are occurring, across significant differences in spatial and temporal scales. The performance or “health” of soil in many cases can be considered an emergent property of these systems, such that even robust indicators of soil status are difficult to establish. This presentation will discuss some of the key challenges in the application of sensor technology for soil management, recent developments, and what may be on the horizon for proximal soil sensing technology. 

Craig Lobsy

Dr Lobsey is a Senior Lecturer in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland.

He is Chair of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) Working Group on Proximal Soil Sensing (WG-PSS). Dr Lobsey leads a research team within the University’s Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems. This team aims to use both existing and newly derived data from sensor technologies to improve our understanding and optimisation of complex agricultural systems.

 Calendar of some of our upcoming topics and dates:

• April 14: Proximal Soil Sensing: State of the Science
• May 12: New Frontiers in Near Surface Geophysics: Muons, Cosmic Ray Neutron Probes, and Hyperspectral Imagery
• June 09: Implicit Bias: an EEGS DEI Task Force Webinar

All TAG Webinars begin at 4:00 PT/ 5:00 MT/ 6:00 CT/ 7:00 ET and online registration is based on US time zone Mountain Time.

April Webinar -  Proximal Soil Sensing: State of the Science

Coming up on April 14 will be Craig Lobsey, Univ. of Southern Queensland, Australia, Chair of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) Working Group on Proximal Soil Sensing and others to present the state of the Proximal Soil Sensing science.  

In March, we invited everyone to register for and attend SAGEEP 2021 held virtually March 14-19, 2021.

February Webinar - Meet Me Halfway

The EEGS Task Force Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) takes advantage of every opportunity to raise awareness and take a lead role in setting and achieving the highest standards of integrity, fairness, dignity and respect. Therefore, February's TAG webinar series featured a Task Force DEI webinar:  Meet Me Halfway, an interactive webinar exploring intergenerational communication in a geophysics workplace.  EEGS President Barry Allred commented: "Thanks to all the Task Force members for your efforts putting together the TAG webinar. It was excellent, well organized, and the discussions in the breakout rooms were very interesting and insightful.  I think everyone really enjoyed the interactive webinar format."

The webinar slide presentation is available for viewing by clicking here.

TAG Inaugural January Webinar a Success!

TAG's first webinar was held on January 13 and welcomed guest speaker, G. Didem Beskardes, the JEEG's 2019 Alan Witten Best Paper Award recipient.  By all measures - audience participation, attendee feedback and content quality - the TAG Webinar was successful and well received.  Dr. Beskardes discussed her findings from the study published in the JEEG paper "Power Density Distribution in Subsurface Fractures Due to an Energized Steel Well-casing Source" and conducted a lengthy and insightful Q&A session.