SAGEEP 2017 Abstracts & Sessions

Notices of Abstract Acceptance/Rejection Issued

SAGEEP Technical Chair Elliot Grunewald and the Technical Planning Committee have completed notifying authors of abstract acceptances or rejections for oral and poster presentations.  If you have not received your notification, please contact Elliot Grunewald at [email protected].  Additional information regarding presenters session, day, time and room name will be sent soon.  Return to this page for poster display instructions.

New this SAGEEP!

SAGEEP 2017 is celebrating an important milestone: SAGEEP’s 30th anniversary! Also, EEGS is pleased to be co-locating SAGEEP with the National Ground Water Association’s (NGWA) Hydrogeophysics and Deep Groundwater Conference March 20 & 21 at the Denver Marriott City Center in downtown Denver, Colorado, USA.

This will be a very exciting SAGEEP bringing together a diverse audience from a wide range of backgrounds, including both EEGS and NGWA membership. All technical sessions will be open to both groups, giving additional exposure to those who deliver oral or poster presentations. In addition to the SAGEEP technical program, the NGWA conference will feature talks and posters with a focus on two topic tracks: Applications of Hydrogeophysics to Groundwater Characterization & Monitoring and Management and Deep Groundwater Applications.  

Abstract Submission Deadlines

Technical Chair Elliot Grunewald and the Technical Committee members are no longer accepting abstracts.  

SAGEEP 2017 Special Sessions and Session Topics (yellow highlighted)/Subtopics

Before you access the online submission site, please review the below Special Sessions and the session topics/subtopics. You will be asked to select a topic in which your presentation would best fit. You will have the option to choose "other" if your abstract does not fit into one of these topics.  Please contact the technical chair if you are interested in serving as a session chair.  

"Applying Geophysics to Solve Humanitarian Problems – Cosponsored by SEG Geoscientists Without Borders®” (Subtopic: Society|Humanitarian) – Chair Michael Kalinski
Investigating hydrologic properties and processes in the critical zone of mountain watersheds -- Cosponsored by SEG” (Subtopic: Water|Hydrological Processes) – Chair John Bradford
Nexus of Energy Development, Environment, and Geophysics – Cosponsored by AAPG” (Subtopic: Resources|Hydrocarbons) – Chair Bruce Smith.
Geophysical Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability” (Subtopic: Water|Contaminants) – Chairs Lee Slater & Peeter Pehme
Finding Fresh Water to Developing Frameworks: Airborne Electromagnetics in Watershed to Regional Scale Groundwater Research” (Subtopic:Geophysical Methods|Airborne) – Chair Lyndsay Ball
"Applications and Developments of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in the Subsurface" (Subtopic: Geophysical Methods|NMR) – Chairs Ahmad Behroozmand & Trevor Irons
Dynamic Classification of UXO: Resolving Target Parameters from Initial Survey Data” (Subtopic: Hazards|UXO) – Chairs Jeff Gamey & Sandra Takata
"Geophysical Insight into Surface Water/Groundwater Connectivity and Exchanges" (Subtopic: Water | Hydrological Processes) - Chair Marty Briggs 

Terms of Submission

The following are the terms of submission for your abstract or extended abstract for oral or poster presentation at SAGEEP 2017: 

  • A $50.00 abstract submission fee for SAGEEP 2017 will be assessed online prior to submitting your abstract or optional expanded abstract. This will be a one-time $50 fee per primary author (regardless of the number of abstracts submitted by the same author). The fee will be applied toward SAGEEP 2017 registration if the abstract is accepted and presented at SAGEEP 2017. (If the abstract is not accepted, the fee will be returned.) If the abstract (and optionally, the expanded abstract) is accepted, but you do not register for or attend the symposium, the fee is non-refundable and your abstract and/or expanded abstract will not be included in the proceedings. You will be required to pay with a credit card online or, you can print and complete a payment form which may be faxed or mailed to the EEGS business offices. Be sure to indicate on the form the general category, session title or special session for which your abstract should be considered along with the presenting author’s name and the name of the person submitting payment if different from author.

  • November 14, 2016 is the deadline for abstract submissions. You can submit a short abstract (maximum 300 words) or expanded abstract as a .pdf file. (No text is required if you are uploading an expanded abstract.  On the submission web site, scroll down to the Upload Extended Abstract and click the browse button to select and upload your .pdf file.   Refer to "SAGEEP 2017 Formatting Your Expanded Abstract" for guidance.)  Each Co-Author will also receive a confirmation email with his/her login information. Co-Authors have read-only access.

  • Once you submit your abstract and receive a confirmation, you will be offered the opportunity to add your co-authors or update your abstract or optional expanded abstract.  All accepted abstracts may be followed by an optional expanded abstract. 

  • Optional, expanded abstracts are due November 30, 2016. During the submission process, you can check a box to indicate your intent to submit your expanded abstract as a NSGL.  Additional information:  Publishing in the Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics.  

  • All abstracts are due by November 30, 2016. All submissions are subject to review. Inappropriate papers, those lacking scientific merit, or those with excessive commercial content are subject to rejection at any stage of the review process.  Submissions not meeting these deadlines will be withdrawn from the conference.

  • SAGEEP 2017 is being held concurrently with the National Ground Water Association’s (NGWA) Hydrogeophysics and Deep Groundwater Conference on March 20 & 21, 2017. On the online submission web site, you will be asked to check a box to indicate whether your presentation would be of special interest to NGWA members. The SAGEEP 2017 technical committee encourages submissions of abstracts that will be of special interest to NGWA members in attendance. Presentations designated for the NGWA audience should meet the following criteria: 1) The presentation should have a primary focus on groundwater problems, 2) The content should extend beyond methodology and include a significant applied component, 3) The technical level of presentation should be appropriate for non-geophysicists. If your presentation meets the above criteria, please check the box and your abstract will be reviewed for designation as an NGWA-relevant presentation.

  • Follow the online instructions to indicate your willingness to chair a session. 

  • From SAGEEP to peer reviewed scientific paper -- The Editor of the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG) will facilitate publication of work from SAGEEP as a peer reviewed paper in this long-standing scientific journal. See the Publishing in the Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics page for more information.  

SAGEEP 2017 Online Abstract Submission site:


Authors wishing to be considered for the "Best of SAGEEP," should plan to submit an extended abstract (approximately 4 pages in length).  Those selected will be asked to present at EAGE's Near Surface Geoscience 2017 conference. 

If you are from a country that requires a visa to enter the U.S., please ensure that you start the process of obtaining any required travel documents sufficiently early so that you will be able to attend the conference. 



Conference Contacts:

General Chair
Dale Werkema, Ph.D.
US Environmental Protection Agency
Email: [email protected]

Technical Chair
Elliot Grunewald, Ph.D.
Clara Vista
Email:  [email protected]

Exhibits Manager/Sponsorship
Micki Allen
Marac Enterprises
[email protected]  

Short Course/Workshops Chair
Jim LoCoco, C.P.G.
Mount Sopris Instruments
[email protected]

Government Sponsorship
William E. Doll, Ph.D.
Tetra Tech
Email:  [email protected]

Technical Program Committee Members
Elliot Grunewald, Ph.D., Technical Chair
Burke Minsley, USGS
Oliver Kuras, Ph.D., British Geological Survey
Alastair McClymont, Ph.D., Advisian