July, 2018

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  1. Save the Date - AGI and AIPG Host Webinar Aug. 30! 
  2. Call for Nominations - Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award
  3. Digital Only JEEG Coming Soon
  4. Vol. 23, 2 FastTIMES Special Issue on Mine-Site Geophysics
  5. Call for Papers for the Special Issue on Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies in the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG)
  6. Get Connected - Get Involved 
  7. What's the Big Deal with EEGS Membership?

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Save the Date - AGI and AIPG Host Webinar Aug. 30!   

The American Geosciences Institute and the American Institute of Professional Geologists will be hosting a webinar as part of the Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI) called "A Journey through the Geology and Aquifers of New England and Why Groundwater Wells Need to be Re-developed." The webinar will be on Thursday, August 30th at 1:00 PM EDT. Raymond Talkington, Ph.D., P.G., C.P.G., J. Theodore Morine, P.G., C.P.G., and Frank Getchell, P.G., C.P.G. will be speaking at the event.

This webinar will take participants on a journey through the formation of the glacial and bedrock geology of New England and provide information on why and when a groundwater well in this geological terrane needs to be re-developed.

Details and the link to the webinar coming soon!  For now, mark your calendars!

Call for Nominations

Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award

The Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award is established to recognize an individual who shows extraordinary leadership in advancing the cause of near surface geophysics through long-term, tireless, and enthusiastic support of the environmental and engineering geophysics community. Such leadership is often boldly displayed by an invention, a new methodology or technique, a theoretical or conceptual advancement, or a unique innovation that transforms the nature and capabilities of near surface geophysics. The Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award is presented jointly by EEGS and the Near Surface Geophysics Section of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (NSG-SEG). Past recipients of the joint award include Klaus Holliger, Esben Auken, Motoyuki Sato, and Andrew Binley.

The award alternates on an approximately 18-month interval between EEGS' Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) and the SEG-NSG Section's annual meeting. It will be given next in March at SAGEEP 2011 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Send nominations to Laura Sherrod, chair of EEGS' Nominations and Awards committee, by email to [email protected]. The nomination should contain the name, title and affiliation of the candidate along with a statement describing the reasons for the nomination. Nominations should be received by Monday September 17, 2018 for full consideration.

To learn about additional past recipients of the Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award or information on other EEGS awards, please visit the EEGS web site www.eegs.org/awards.

Reminder:  Digital, Online Only JEEG in 2019

In December of 2017, the EEGS Board of Directors voted to move to offer a digital Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG) exclusively.

Beginning with the March, 2019 issue, members and subscribers will access the Journal online only.

JEEG Editor Dale Rucker said this move to the digital production of the JEEG will have a minimal effect on the publication's content.  JEEG's impact factor, a measure of the yearly average number of citations to recent articles, has risen to 1.36 from .73 in 2016.   



Call for Papers for the Special Issue on Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies in the JEEG

Dear Colleagues:

As the Guest Editors, Profs. Lanbo Liu (UConn) and Rongyi Qian (CUG-Beijing) invite you to submit papers under the theme of "Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies" (GUUSS) to be published as a special issue in Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG, 2017 Impact Factor:1.52) for its June 2019 issue.

All papers on planning and design, data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation pertinent to the development of Urban Underground Space are welcome. All papers presented at the special session on 'Urban Underground Space' sessions of SAGEEP2018 are encouraged to submit, with the expansion and completion with more rigorous description of the development of the algorithm with case study support. Research papers on this topic which did not presented at SAGEEP2018 are also welcome to submit.

The authors can submit their manuscript to http://jeeg.allentrack.net/. The author should state in the cover letter that the manuscript is for the special issue: "Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies". All submitted papers will be reviewed by two peers and one of the guest editors to assure high standard set by JEEG. The review process for this special issue is quicker than the regular issues and we expect fast turn-around and the wrap-up by the end of 2018.

The authors should be aware that JEEG charges for color figures ($100 USD per figure), so there should be a statement in the cover letter to make it clear that the authors are willing to pay the color figure fee. Otherwise, grayscale figures are free. 

There are two options for publication, both of which are a peer reviewed publication with all of the privileges held by such: A regular research article of at least 3000 words and generally 1-2x figures per 1000 words; and a Near Surface Geophysical Letter (NSGL), a shorter communication that advances emerging research and case studies. We ask that for NSGL, the size be limited to 2000 words and up to 4 figures.

The First Submission: August 31, 2018
The Second, Revised Submission: November 30, 2018
Final acceptance date: December 31, 2018.

Dale Rucker, JEEG Editor 


Vol 23, 2 FastTIMES Special Issue on Mine-Site Geophysics

The June issue of FastTIMES, Vol 23, 2, a Special Issue on Mine-Site and Mining Geophysics, with many additional new regular columns, will be available on line in the next 2 weeks in high and low resolution versions from http://www.eegs.org/latest-issue. Ten technical articles on mine site and mining geophysics and one article on archaeological geophysics are featured.

The June Issue also commences a Mining Geophysics News regular column to continue to engage with the mining sector. In the column, it is highlighted that the mining sector, through post-exploration, mine site geophysics applications provides by far the widest range of geophysical application of any sector we apply NSG methods to, but generally receives little attention on the NSG literature. The June FastTIMES and ongoing Mining Geophysics News column is an attempt to redress this situation.  

The June Issue has been publicised with many mining sector Professional Societies (e.g. PDAC, CIM, IMWA, ASMR) to help achieve as wide notification, distribution and awareness raining of NSG methods and mine site among mining sector professionals. Further engagement with other mining Societies is in progress to extend this outreach. As well there is the regular notification going out to other key groundwater, geotechnical and environmental sector Societies and through these Societies, their members.

For the ongoing Mining Geophysics News regular column if you have a mine site geophysics news, a story to tell or a case example and would like it to reach a wider mining sector audience, please send all copy to FastTIMES Editor, Geoff Pettifer (contact: [email protected]).

New Regular Columns in FastTIMES
We need Regular Columnists, sponsors / advertisers and regular input of news and articles.  In the June FastTIMES a lot of effort has gone into developing new regular columns for FastTIMES, moving towards the goal of maintaining engagement of the NSG community with current and potential end-users across the entire range of sectors where NSG methods are applied. This is so that once an NSG end-user sector is engaged, geophysicists and non-geophysicists in that sector, will have something of relevant interest in each ongoing issue of FastTIMES that is published.  

For this level of news and articles to be sustainable we need the regular and sustained support of the entire NSG community (geophysicists, regardless of the NSG society they belong to and end-users of geophysics). FastTIMES, is your magazine, and is the only magazine fully devoted to NSG, so please support these regular columns with contributions of items of research, development, project news and technical articles, large or small.

In addition to the regular, Drone Geophysics, Groundwater (Hydrogeophysics) and Industry News columns, June FastTIMES has new columns on EEGS Student Chapter News, Infrastructure and Geotechnical Geophysics News, Archaeological and Forensic Geophysics News, UXO Community Geophysics News and Mining Geophysics News.

As well as contributions of news and articles, EEGS FastTIMES is seeking the following to help champion, organize and sustain the Regular Columns - please contact FastTIMES Editor, Geoff Pettifer (contact: [email protected]):

  • A Student Associate Editor for the EEGS Student Chapter News columns and student technical articles (please first contact Bethany Burton - [email protected] 
  • Regular Columnists (single or shared responsibility) of the Infrastructure and Geotechnical Geophysics News, Archaeological and Forensic Geophysics News, Hydrogeophysics News, Mining Geophysics News, Industry News and a planned Environmental Geophysics News column.
  • Expressions of interest from Regular Columnists (single or shared responsibility) for regular Research and Educations Geophysics News and Government (Federal and State) Geophysics News columns; and
  • Advertiser / sponsors for all of the above regular columns (thank you to GPR Slice for their inaugural sponsorship of the Archaeological and Forensic Geophysics News column).
  • New Associate Editors to join the FastTIMES Team and support the Editor, undertaking one or more of one the above roles, Guest Editor roles of Special Issues, general editing and solicitation of contributions etc.

For specific agricultural and drone geophysics and Student chapter contribution items please send them to:
Angelos Lampousis for Agriculture Geophysics News (contact: [email protected]);
Ron Bell for geoDRONE - drone news (contact: [email protected]);
Jeff Leberfinger for UXO Community News (contact: [email protected]);
Bethany Burton - Student Chapter News (contact: [email protected]);
And for all other columns - Geoff Pettifer ([email protected]).

Our Associate Editors are also available to discuss and accept FastTIMES content (Dan Bigman - [email protected]; Nedra Bonal - [email protected]; Nigel Cassidy - [email protected]; Katherine Grote - [email protected]; and Moe Momayez - [email protected]).

FastTIMES Associate Editor Ron Kaufmann
Ron Kaufmann, Associate Editor of FastTIMES is retiring from the FastTIMES Editorial team, due to a need to concentrate more on his geophysical business. We thank Ron for his dedicated voluntary service to EEGS, with FastTIMES supporting previous the Editor: Barry Allred and current Editor: Geoff Pettifer and for other voluntary efforts with EEGS over the years. Ron can be contacted on [email protected] or at http://www.spotlightgeo.com/.
If you are interested to become one FastTIMES Associate Editor team, please contact Geoff Pettifer ([email protected]).

Advertising in FastTIMES - Reach a Wider and Growing Geoscience and Engineering Audience
If as a consultant, contractor, equipment manufacturer / seller / renter, software developer / seller, or researcher / educator you would like to advertise your services to a wide audience, then advertising in FastTIMES is an attractive and affordable option. FastTIMES though its Special Issues and Regular Columns is reaching out to provide current awareness and relevance of near-surface geophysical techniques and applications to diverse geoscience and engineering sectors, through many of their Professional Societies (e.g. groundwater, geotechnical, infrastructure, mining, environmental, UXO, archaeology / forensic sectors etc). Therefore, advertising in FastTIMES is providing increase value as we grow our circulation and outreach.

For example, if you have a particular interest in securing business and clients in the Dams and Levees sector (as well as other sectors), why not start in the August 2018 Special Issue on Mine Site Geophysics - advertising copy deadline is August 24th.

FastTIMES 2018 Publishing Schedule for Special Issues and General Article Contributions for the remainder of 2018 are as follows:

  • October - Vol 23, 4 - Environment - Oil and Gas Industry (upstream and downstream). Deadlines: Articles October 19th; Advertising October 26th. 
  • December - Vol 23, 5 - UXO. Deadlines: Articles November 23rd; Advertising November 28th.

Go to http://www.eegs.org/advertising-information for advertising rates and information and to Pages 10 and 111 of the freely downloadable Vol 23, 1 SAGEEP 2018 Conference FastTIMES to learn more (download it from http://www.eegs.org/latest-issue).

Advertising with something as simple and effective as a business card advertisement in our Professional Directory (see graphic) is very affordable (new business card size reduced advertising rates are: $55 / issue for a single issue or $50/issue for the remaining issues for 2018). Advertisements for ¼, 1/3, ½ or full pages are also at competitive rates and discounts apply for regular advertising. Please contact Jackie Jacoby with your advertising enquiries and requirements (contact: [email protected]).

FastTIMES Vol 23, 3 Special Issue on Infrastructure - Dams and Levees, August 2018 - Call for Contributions

A Special Issue of FastTIMES on Infrastructure: Dams and Levees is being planned and is in progress for August 2018 FastTIMES Vol 23, 3. Contributions are invited from presenters at Dams and Levees technical sessions at recent SAGEEP Conferences, indeed from any geophysicists and end-users of geophysics, globally, that are working in the field of application of geophysics to dams and levees (civil and mining), that are wishing to reach a wider audience than just geophysicists and attendees at geophysical conferences.

This Special Volume is to be targeted for release for availability through engagement with the infrastructure engineering, geotechnical and water industry community through peak engineering Societies focussing on dam site and levees engineering and safety in the US and globally.  Deadlines: Draft Articles August 24th; Final copy and Advertising August 31st.  If you would like to contribute to this Special Volume please contact Geoff Pettifer, as soon as possible [email protected].

Petroleum and the Environment: A new publication from the American Geosciences Institute

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has released a new publication, Petroleum and the Environment, to provide an accessible and information-rich overview of the many intersections between oil and gas operations and the environment. A pdf version can be downloaded from https://www.americangeosciences.org/sites/default/files/AGI_PetroleumEnvironment_web.pdf

This publication provides a completely rewritten and expanded update to the original Petroleum and the Environment, published in 2003 as part of AGI's Environmental Awareness Series. Much has changed since then, with advances in hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") and horizontal drilling leading to a huge increase in oil and gas production in many parts of the United States. This growth came with new environmental challenges, opportunities and uncertainties. But with variably rapid changes in technology, scientific understanding, regulation and industry practices, sources of reliable information on these developments have been hard to come by.

The publication has 24 standalone but complementary factsheets and case studies, Petroleum and the Environment provides a coherent, impartial look at the range of environmental questions relating to oil and gas operations in 2018. Particular emphasis is placed on the current scientific understanding of each topic, as well as technological developments, regulations, sources of uncertainty, effective mitigation strategies and areas of particular concern or progress. Petroleum and the Environment also contains a rich bibliography of primary data sources, high-quality analyses, regulatory information and much more, allowing interested readers to pursue any topic to their own satisfaction.

This publication is a product of AGI's Critical Issues Program and was supported by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation and AGI's Center for Geoscience & Society.

FastTIMES Vol 23, 4 Special Issue on Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Industry (upstream and downstream). - October, 2018. - Call for Contributions

A Special Issue of FastTIMES on NSG applications for Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Industry (upstream and downstream). is being planned October 2018 FastTIMES Vol 23, 4. Contributions are invited from presenters at technical sessions at recent SAGEEP Conferences, indeed from any geophysicists and end-users of geophysics, globally, that are working in the field of application of geophysics to petroleum sector environmental impacts, that are wishing to reach a wider audience than just geophysicists and attendees at geophysical conferences.

This Special Volume is to be targeted for release for availability through engagement with the oil and gas and environmental industry community through peak engineering Societies focussing on environmental aspects of the range of oil and gas sector activities in the US and globally. FastTIMES Vol 23, 4  Petroleum Sector (upstream and downstream) Environmental impacts (October) issue hopes to solicit example case histories covering groundwater, environmental (mapping/monitoring, modelling/managing) and geotechnical applications, as applicable to the entire range of the oil and gas operations and impact cycle from exploration, development/production (extraction/injection/fracking), transportation (road/rail/pipeline), processing, legacy oilfield operations, distribution (LNAPL/DNAPL gas station outlets cleanups) and includes re-use of exploration data and seismicity.  

Deadlines: Draft Articles and Advertising October 19th; Advertising and Final Copy October 26th.
If you would like to contribute to this Special Volume please contact Geoff Pettifer, [email protected].



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