FastTIMES Editor-in-Chief Opening

EEGS has an immediate opening for the position of FastTIMES Editor-in-Chief. Our electronic newsmagazine for the near-surface geophysical sciences has been published quarterly since 1998 and receives over 14,000 downloads annually.  For additional information, or to express an interest in the position, please email and send a CV and cover letter detailing your interest in the position.


Featured Articles (4):   Geophysical Investigations Using Muon Measurements
Special Issue:  Volume 21, Number 4, December, 2016  

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The EEGS staff is pleased to publish the latest issue of FastTIMES, (ISSN 1943-6505), news for the near-surface geophysical sciences. It is available as either a low- or high-resolution pdf document optimized for screen viewing or printing.  Past issues (and the high-resolution version of the current issue) are also available online.  


FastTIMES Issue: March, 2017 Issue

The editors of FastTIMES encourage contributions of any subject touching upon geophysics for the next issue of FastTIMES to do so by March 20, 2017.   Author guidelines can be found at  For additional information, please contact Barry Allred (  Note:  FastTIMES continues to look for Guest Editors who are interested in organizing a FastTIMES issue around a special topic within the Guest Editor's area of expertise.  If you would like to serve as a FastTIMES Guest Editor, contact Barry Allred (

To take full advantage of the electronic format, we encourage its distribution to the widest possible audience. If you know of someone who might enjoy reading FastTIMES but may not be on the distribution list, feel free to email the web link to them.  Be sure to take advantage of the hyperlinks within the document that link the table of contents with articles, the advertisers with their ads, the authors and their email addresses, and the advertisers and articles with external web sites.

The editors of FastTIMES welcome comments and suggestions. Further, we are always interested in content for the next issue! Please send your submissions to a member of the editorial team - Barry Allred (Barry.Allred@ARS.USDA.GOV), Editor; , Associate Editor; Ron Kaufmann  (, Associate Editor; Katherine Grote (, Associate Editor; Nedra Bonal (, Associate Editor; Moe Momayez (, Associate Editor; or Nigel Cassidy (, Associate Editor. Advertising inquiries should be sent to Jackie Jacoby (