Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG)

A quality, peer-reviewed journal is the hallmark of a professional society. The JEEG (ISSN 1554-8015) is EEGS’ scientific journal with these value added features:

  • Inducted into the Citation Index
  • Provides technical information about the most recent advancements in shallow geophysics
  • Features special issues devoted to topics at the forefront of environmental and engineering geophysics
  • Available in electronic format:  Current Issue JEEG


FastTIMES (ISSN 1943-6505) is an electronic newsmagazine for the near-surface geophysical sciences, published quarterly by the EEGS since 1998. It showcases novel uses of near-surface geophysics of interest to geophysicists as well as accessible to others who may be interested in using geophysics. Each issue features technical articles on diverse topics, news from the near-surface geophysical community, information on recent and coming events, titles of articles published in near-surface journals, and notices of professional opportunities. It is available online to EEGS members and offered to several associated professional societies within and outside the geophysics community. 

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Past Issues

EEGS Research Collection

The EEGS Research Collection is of great practical value to the practicing geophysicist. It contains articles published in the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics and in the proceedings of the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP).

The JEEG publishes cutting-edge research in near-surface geophysics. In recent years, JEEG has published special issues on ground-penetrating radar, seismic surface waves, geophysics in China, and geophysical characterization of glacier and ice sheets. JEEG is included in the Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCIE) including the Web of Science, ISI Reseach Alerting Services, and Current Contents/Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences.

SAGEEP is internationally recognized as the leading conference focused on the practical application of near-surface geophysics. The proceedings, comprised of technical papers presented at the conference, contain a wealth of information on new instrumentation, field methods, data processing, and hundreds of case histories detailing a panoply of geophysical applications, including archeological investigations, groundwater clean-up, foundation assessment, fault mapping, soil salinity studies, and the detection of unexploded ordnance. Proceedings exist for every year starting with 1988.

EarthDoc Direct Access for EEGS Members

EEGS members now have free and direct log in access to parts of EarthDoc!

EarthDoc enables EEGS members to browse through the following material:

  • Full papers presented at EEGS and Near Surface conferences since 1988
  • Scientific articles from the Special Issue on Hydrogeophysics- Methods and Processes in Near Surface Geophysics No. 5-6 October 2009
  • Articles of Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics since 2007.

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Other Publications and EEGS Merchandise

SAGEEP Proceedings
EEGS is pleased to offer its SAGEEP proceedings on a CD as well as in printed format.  To view formats and order SAGEEP proceedings, click here.  

EEGS offers discounted periodicals, CDs, manuals, SAGEEP Short Course materials and handbooks, and reference books.  Click here to view and order publications.

EEGS is pleased to offer a new title to its list of discounted publications: "Advances in Near-surface Seismology and Ground-penetrating Radar," Richard D. Miller, John H. Bradford, and Klaus Holliger, Editors.  (Special student pricing!)   This book combines 29 referred papers that will be of interest to the researcher and practitioner alike. It is designed to bring together the best of the past decade, state-of-the-practice applications of today, and visions for the next decade.

View an Excerpt and Table of Contents.  To place your order, simply print, complete and fax or mail the EEGS Publications Order Form to the EEGS business offices.

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