Call for Short Course Topics or Offers to Present

Here's your chance to recommend a Short Course topic - or volunteer to present a Short Course at SAGEEP and its parallel conferences.

SAGEEP 2020/1st Munitions Response Meeting (rescheduled to 2021)

The Organizing Committee of SAGEEP 2020 seeks your valuable input on topics for Short Courses and Workshops. This is your chance as an EEGS or National Association of Ordnance Contractors  (NAOCmember or SAGEEP participant to influence what happens at the meeting. Because of the two parallel conferences, SAGEEP 2020 and the 1st Munitions Response meeting, the Short Courses and Workshops have the potential to have a much broader impact to our community.  In keeping with the SAGEEP 2020 theme "Visionary Geophysics," what topics would inspire you to improve, broaden or expand your expertise in geophysics?  Striving to improve resolution, reducing collection time, enhancing interpretation, and refining our ability to communicate to our clients and peers are central to our practice.  Now is the time to make your voice heard as we look for ideas – please email the Short Course Chairman Greg Byer at [email protected] or the General Chairman Mark Dunscomb at [email protected].  You can also complete a feedback form to submit your topic ideas or offer to present a Short Course or Workshop at SAGEEP 2021.

Future SAGEEP Conferences

Every SAGEEP conference features Short Courses and Workshops.  By completing a feedback form, you can submit topics for future conferences or indicate your interest in offering a Short Course or Workshop.  Click here to submit your ideas today!