Safelisting EEGS

Safelisting (or sometimes referred to as "whitelisting") - What is it?

Safelisting tells your email client that you know this sender and trust them, which will keep emails from this contact at the top of your inbox and out of the junk folder.  It's is a process where an email administrator adds IP addresses for a sending server to be "safe" to bypass a firewall or spam software in order to ensure delivery of messages sent from those IPs. Adding IPs to a safelist is generally done on the server level. This helps to “grease the wheels” so to speak, and make sure emails that you want to avoid being filtered out by mistake.

How do I do it?

We highly recommend safelisting our IPs to ensure that you continue to receive all of the emails and notifications we send members and non-members alike.  

Every email provider has different safelisting procedures, so it’s hard for us to provide any one-size-fits-all instruction on what to do. For example, some providers only allow you to safelist by sender address or domain, in which case you’ll want to make sure to safelist

An email administrator should understand and be able to fill an IP safelisting request, but if you’re in need of assistance, here are instructions for adding to a safelist in some commonly used email providers:

Safelist IPs

Safelist a Domain

The IP addresses that need to be safelisted are: