May, 2017

EEGS Newsletter

In This Issue...

  1. AGI Webinar
  2. SAGEEP 2017/18
  3. FastTIMES Editor Position
  4. Call for Student Chaper Speakers

Recorded AGI Webinar - Available Now!

EEGS co-sponsored AGI's recent successful and well-attended Critical Issues Webinar, "State Responses to Induced Earthquakes," which attracted a total of 813 registrants and 372 live attendees (not including people who watched in groups) from 47 U.S. states and 26 countries around the world.  The recorded webinar has been made publicly available at the following link:

SAGEEP 2017: A Success
Plans Underway for 2018 in Nashville! 

SAGEEP 2017 in Denver was a brilliant success with cooperation from the SEG's Geoscientists Without Borders® program and the NGWA collocated conference.

Preparations for SAGEEP 2018 are well underway, headed by VP SAGEEP Jeff Paine and General Chair Bill Doll. Keeping with our strong tradition of intersociety cooperation, we are working closely with EAGE this year to expand SAGEEP 2018 in new and exciting ways. Keep up with the latest at our SAGEEP 2018 webpage.  Link to webpage:



Open Position:  FastTIMES Editor

After four great years of service, Barry Allred is stepping down from the position of FastTIMES Editor-in-Chief. EEGS is looking for a new FastTIMES editor. If you are interested in contributing to the society in this position, take a look at the official announcement and submit your application.  Link to official announcement: FastTIMES - Editor Search 



Call for Speakers - EEGS Student Chapters Need Your Expertise!

EEGS Student Chapters are looking for speakers to visit their institutions and speak to the groups. The EEGS website will host a page of names and contact information of willing speakers in the Members Only section. If you are willing to support our student chapters in this manner, let us know. Submit the following to 
[email protected]: your name, contact information, a brief summary of your area of expertise, and the regions in which you might be able to present. Your name will become part of the list, giving our student members the opportunity to tap your experience.




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