July, 2019

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SAGEEP 2020 Call for Technical Session and Short Course Topics!

        SAGEEP 2020 will be held in Denver, Colorado from March 29 - April 2, 2020!

In addition to the 33rd Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP), conference planners have announced the addition of the 1st Munitions Response Meeting, being developed in conjuction with the National Association of Ordnance Contractors (NAOC) as a parallel conference.

Organizers are working now to assure an engaging and stimulating SAGEEP. This is your opportunity to suggest Session Topics that will also assure a very strong technical program. You are also invited to submit your suggestions for Short Course topics.

We are taking suggested topics until Friday, July 12, 2019 (topics submitted over the weekend will be considered)

Do you have a suggestion for a session you'd like to see at SAGEEP 2020? Or, perhaps you would like to organize a session or serve as Session Chair...if so, please let us know. Submit your proposal for a session or offer to chair a session to [email protected].

Please make sure your proposal includes:

  • a session title,
  • a short description (max 50 words),
  • and potential chairperson(s).

If you'd like to offer to present a Short Course (or have a suggestion for a Short Course topic), please submit the course title/topic and contact information if you are considering offering a course at SAGEEP to [email protected].

Watch this space and the SAGEEP 2020 web site for further announcements.  The abstract submission site is scheduled to open later this summer.

Want to learn more about SAGEEP 2020?  Check out the website here Check back often for details!

SAGEEP 2021:  Help Select the
Host U.S. City!  Voting Site is Still Open

Want to weigh in on the meeting site for SAGEEP 2021?  We want your input: Participate in our poll to vote for your preference for the U.S. City which will be chosen to host SAGEEP 2021 and we'll announce the results at the end summer, 2019.  Please only vote once.



JEEGJune Issue Published!

The June, 2019 issue (Vol. 24.2) of the JEEG has been published.

According to Editor Dale Rucker "All of these works offer a treasure trove of information that you will find useful presented in a very practical format. I encourage you to check them out." 

Click on the June, 2019 issue link to follow the editor's suggestion!





2019/20 EEGS Committee Service:
Your Invitation to Join

The EEGS Board of Directors Meeting held at SAGEEP 2019 in Portland, Oregon was the first time newly elected members joined returning members to discuss the coming term's goals and opportunities.  One of the most important topics discussed was filling positions on the various EEGS Committees. 

Exciting plans are underway to develop programs and services beneficial to current EAGE members while maintaining EEGS' position as the premier membership organization representing the near surface geophysical community. 

Here are a few of those Committees with vacancies and who you can contact if you'd like to serve:

Membership - Contact Committee Chair Lia Martinez ([email protected])
Intersociety - Contact Committee Chair Bruce Smith ([email protected])
Student Committee - Contact John Jackson ([email protected])


FastTIMES Latest Issue Available: 
Managed and Natural Aquifer Recharge Geophysics

FastTIMES Vol 24, 2 Special Issue

Co-Editors: John Jansen (EEGS/NGWA) and Bill Alley (NGWA)

Downloadable from https://www.eegs.org/latest-issue

This Special Issue focuses on the increasingly important issue of Managed and Natural Aquifer Recharge and in particular use of geophysics to understand and optimize sustainability of exploitation of groundwater systems in terms of natural recharge and managed aquifer recharge (MAR). The aim is to outreach informing the groundwater community about the possibilities for use of geophysics.

There is a Foreword by John Jansen (EEGS/NGWA) and Bill Alley (NGWA): "Geophysics for Aquifer Recharge Studies: Getting the Big Picture and the Small Details" and an introductory article by Peter Dillon and the leaders of the IAH Commission on MAR and Ken Lawrie of Geoscience Australia entitled: "Why Does Effective Managed Aquifer Recharge Need Geophysics?"

In the Special Issue, we have endeavored to cover, with practical case histories of airborne, ground, river/irrigation channel and downhole geophysics, the four main geophysical approaches to groundwater recharge studies. The role of geophysical mapping of soils and their impact on recharge is not covered in detail and also not covered is detailed geophysical studies of surface and groundwater interaction from streams.

There are two AEM, seven ground EM, four water-borne resistivity, one ground NMR and two downhole NMR case histories featured, covering natural recharge and MAR investigations and operating MAR schemes in USA, Australia and Denmark, implementing Danish, US, Australian and Canadian developed geophysical technologies. The regular Hydrogeophysics and Environmental Geophysics Column offers basic to more advanced pointers for hydrogeologists and geophysicists on use of EM for groundwater studies including MAR.

The UXO Community Geophysics News features an article by Tim Bechtel and many international colleagues entitled: "Application of the Industry 4.0 Paradigm to the Design of a Dual GPR System for Humanitarian Demining" about NATO supported Ukraine / Italian / US developed UXO robotic technology for the worthwhile purpose of humanitarian de-mining.

Additional features including our Regular Columns are: 

  • SAGEEP 2020 - Call for Session & Course Topics
  • EEGS Student Chapter News - Research Associate Editor positions open - an opportunity
  • Emerging World NSG News Forum - a Renewed Call for Contributions of Articles and News Items
  • Mining Geophysics - Patrick Killeen on Exploration Technology In 2018 - an Update on Developments
  • Infrastructure and Geotechnical Geophysics - Infrastructure Spending, Monitoring (BIM) and Data
  • Agricultural Geophysics - Soils and Recharge, plus a new Urban & Environmental Geophysics Course
  • geoDRONE Report - AGU/SEG Airborne Geophysics; Drones at SAGEEP2020, SEG 2019 & AGU 2019
  • Archaeological & Forensic Geophysics - Ancient Water Systems and 3D Resistivity on a Mayan Pyramid
  • Publicity of activities of Societies that are cross-promoting the Special Issue or who regularly collaborate with FastTIMES - NGWA, IAH, GRA (California), CGA, AEG, SEG, AHS, EAGE and NAOC



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