August, 2018

EEGS Newsletter

In This Issue...

  1. Call for Nominations - Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award
  2. Digital Only JEEG Coming Soon
  3. Call for Papers for the Special Issue on Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies in the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG)
  4. An Open Letter to FastTIMES Readers/Call for Contributions for Vol. 23/4 (October, 2018)
  5. Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal - AGI Calls for Nominations
  6. Get Connected - Get Involved 
  7. What's the Big Deal with EEGS Membership?

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 Call for Nominations

Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award

The Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award is established to recognize an individual who shows extraordinary leadership in advancing the cause of near surface geophysics through long-term, tireless, and enthusiastic support of the environmental and engineering geophysics community. Such leadership is often boldly displayed by an invention, a new methodology or technique, a theoretical or conceptual advancement, or a unique innovation that transforms the nature and capabilities of near surface geophysics. The Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award is presented jointly by EEGS and the Near Surface Geophysics Section of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (NSG-SEG). Past recipients of the joint award include Klaus Holliger, Esben Auken, Motoyuki Sato, and Andrew Binley.

The award alternates on an approximately 18-month interval between EEGS' Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) and the SEG-NSG Section's annual meeting. It will be given next in March at SAGEEP 2011 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Send nominations to Laura Sherrod, chair of EEGS' Nominations and Awards committee, by email to [email protected]. The nomination should contain the name, title and affiliation of the candidate along with a statement describing the reasons for the nomination. Nominations should be received by Monday September 17, 2018 for full consideration.

To learn about additional past recipients of the Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award or information on other EEGS awards, please visit the EEGS web site

Reminder:  Digital, Online Only JEEG in 2019

In December of 2017, the EEGS Board of Directors voted to move to offer a digital Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG) exclusively.

Beginning with the March, 2019 issue, members and subscribers will access the Journal online only.

JEEG Editor Dale Rucker said this move to the digital production of the JEEG will have a minimal effect on the publication's content.  JEEG's impact factor, a measure of the yearly average number of citations to recent articles, has risen to 1.36 from .73 in 2016.   



Call for Papers for the Special Issue on Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies in the JEEG

Dear Colleagues:

As the Guest Editors, Profs. Lanbo Liu (UConn) and Rongyi Qian (CUG-Beijing) invite you to submit papers under the theme of "Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies" (GUUSS) to be published as a special issue in Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG, 2017 Impact Factor:1.52) for its June 2019 issue.

All papers on planning and design, data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation pertinent to the development of Urban Underground Space are welcome. All papers presented at the special session on 'Urban Underground Space' sessions of SAGEEP2018 are encouraged to submit, with the expansion and completion with more rigorous description of the development of the algorithm with case study support. Research papers on this topic which did not presented at SAGEEP2018 are also welcome to submit.

The authors can submit their manuscript to The author should state in the cover letter that the manuscript is for the special issue: "Geophysics for Urban Underground Space Studies". All submitted papers will be reviewed by two peers and one of the guest editors to assure high standard set by JEEG. The review process for this special issue is quicker than the regular issues and we expect fast turn-around and the wrap-up by the end of 2018.

The authors should be aware that JEEG charges for color figures ($100 USD per figure), so there should be a statement in the cover letter to make it clear that the authors are willing to pay the color figure fee. Otherwise, grayscale figures are free. 

There are two options for publication, both of which are a peer reviewed publication with all of the privileges held by such: A regular research article of at least 3000 words and generally 1-2x figures per 1000 words; and a Near Surface Geophysical Letter (NSGL), a shorter communication that advances emerging research and case studies. We ask that for NSGL, the size be limited to 2000 words and up to 4 figures.

The First Submission: August 31, 2018
The Second, Revised Submission: November 30, 2018
Final acceptance date: December 31, 2018.

Dale Rucker, JEEG Editor 




Please take a moment to read below how you can contribute to improving FastTIMES magazine.

FastTIMES technical magazine, produced by EEGS, is freely available for all to download and read (, and is unique as it is the only technical magazine fully devoted to promoting Near-Surface Geophysics (NSG) among NSG practitioner geophysicists and end-users of NSG methods, regardless of geographical location or professional society affiliation. FastTIMES complements the NSG refereed journals (JEEG, Near-Surface Geophysics) and other Geophysical Society journals and magazines with partial NSG content (such as Geophysics, Exploration Geophysics, Leading Edge, First Break, Preview, Recorder etc).

It is not readily appreciated, but collectively the (other than oil and gas and mineral exploration) NSG end-user sectors (infrastructure and geotechnical, mining operations support, geological mapping, groundwater, environmental, oil and gas sector operations support, agriculture, UXO, archaeology and forensics etc), comprise holistically (economically, environmentally and socially), a larger part of the global economy than the combined oil and gas and mineral exploration market, where traditionally (other than EEGS and EAGE Near-Surface Division), the key geophysical professional society's publishing energy and their membership, have tended to mainly focus.

We are working to make improvements and to extend the outreach of FastTIMES magazine to extol the benefits of NSG methods as follows, but all these improvements are only sustainable with your assistance: 

  • FastTIMES is embarking on a program of serious outreach and advocacy for greater use of near-surface geophysics among all the potential end-user sectors of NSG. FastTIMES is doing NSG outreach, firstly with a series of Special Issues focusing on key issues of sustainability amenable to NSG applications, for US/Canada and globally. These Special Issues are targeted to also engage with and to be notified for free download, to members of the key sector no-geophysical professional societies where NSG methods are applied as well as the key global geophysical societies with practicing NSG members. So far, we have covered sustainability in California groundwater, Agriculture, Mining operations, Dams and Levees operations, with up coming issues covering the Oil and Gas Sector operations and UXO, with more sustainability planned in 2019;

  • Secondly, FastTIMES is now expanding the range of Regular Columns to maintain engagement with and interest from the same application sectors and their non-geophysical professional Societies membership. This expansion was significant in the June 2018 Special Issue on Mine Site and Mining Geophysics. Regular columns and accompanying relevant articles means that each issue of FastTIMES will have some news/articles of relevant interest to each of the target sectors; and

  • FastTIMES is expanding publication to 6 issues per year in 2019 (from 4 in 2017, 5 in 2018) - A regular SAGEEP promotional and final proceedings volume (introduced this year for SAGEEP 2018), plus 5 Special Issues continuing the sustainability themes and end-user sector focus.

It is mainly by your participation and practical support to "take ownership" by contributing ideas and content (articles, news items, advertising etc.), that we can further improve on and sustain and consolidate the changes in quality, depth and outreach of the magazine content and focus, that are taking place and are being planned and implemented for FastTIMES by the current FastTIMES Editorial team.

Here is how you can get behind FastTIMES magazine and support the sustainability, continual improvement and relevance to the entire NSG community (geophysicists and end-users) of the new FastTIMES magazine format in its current awareness and outreach to that community:-

Contact myself ([email protected] - +1 360 989 6771 or +61 407 841 098) or the Associate Editor team (see contact details below) with ideas or articles or news to contribute (e.g. upcoming workshops; conferences; interesting projects etc). Contribute news items to Industry News or one of the relevant sector-focused Regular Columns (see list below). News items and technical awareness articles from advertisers and financial supporters of EEGS and SAGEEP are particularly welcome.

  • Contact details and responsibilities for the Associate Editors and the current Regular Columns are:- 
  • Become part of an informal "sub-committee" of key practitioners supporting the Regular Columnist of the specialty application area of interest to you (e.g. groundwater, geotechnical, environment, mining, UXO, archaeology/forensics etc), to help solicit content and to ensure that the global wide content of each Regular Column is of the highest quality and relevance and that each Column becomes effectively a quality NSG technical blog for the target sector practitioners and end-users. Contact the regular columnist concerned or myself to register your interest 
  • If you were a presenter at a recent SAGEEP Conference, we encourage you to convert your presentation or poster to a technical article to be part of a Special Issue or to accompany the relevant (to the theme of your article) Regular Column where your technical work will reach a much wider end-user audience than just the geophysicists attending your presentation session at SAGEEP. Frame your SAGEEP 2019 presentation, with a follow-up FastTIMES article or JEEG paper in mind. Students are also encouraged to submit articles to FastTIMES;

  • We need Regular Columnists to takeover (assist with) the following columns:

    • Archaeology and Forensic Geophysics News;
    • Industry News; and
    • EEGS Student Chapter News (Student Associate Editor role) - For students: become the Student Associate Editor, championing the EEGS Student Chapter News - contact Bethany Burton - [email protected]

  • We need Regular Columnists for 4 new regular columns that will only occur if a champion comes forward to lead the Regular Column:

    • NSG Society News - NSG-related news from geophysical Societies around the world etc;Government Geophysics News - US/ Canadian Federal and State geophysics programs news;
    • NSG Research & Education News - from universities and research institutes / consortia; and
    • NSG History - occasional articles on the history of key developments of NSG over time.
  • Advertise in the Professional Directory with an affordable Business Card Advertisement or take out a larger advertisement - see for more details. Note 10% discount for regular advertising. Contact Jackie Jacoby ([email protected]); Peeter Pehme
    ([email protected]); Jeff Leberfinger ([email protected]); or myself ([email protected]).

  • Sponsor by advertisement a Regular Column that focuses on the target sector of your interest.

  • Advertise in the upcoming SAGEEP 2019 FastTIMES Vol 24, 1.

The deadlines and Themes for Special Issues for upcoming issues of FastTIMES in 2018 are as follows: 

  • Sponsor by advertisement a Regular Column that focuses on the target sector of your interest.

  • The Oil and Gas Sector Environmental Impacts Special Issue October FastTIMES Vol 23, 4 deadline for draft copy is October 19th; final copy October 26th.

  • The UXO Special Issue December FastTIMES Vol 23, 5 deadline for draft copy is November 23rd; final copy November 28th - contact Guest Editor: John Jackson: [email protected].

  • More details of 2019 deadlines in the next EEGS Newsletter.

I hope you are inspired to contribute to and help improve FastTIMES in one or more of the ways outlined above. We (myself and/or the Associate Editors) look forward to hearing from you.

Please pass this onto colleagues that you know read FastTIMES but are not EEGS Members.

Thank you for your consideration.
Geoff Pettifer, Editor
EEGS Magazine on Near-Surface Geophysics
Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS)

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: US +1-360-989-6771; Australia +61 (0)407 841 098
Skype: geoff.pettifer

Source of Figures (see also figure captions): -

A Special Issue of FastTIMES on NSG applications for Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Industry (upstream and downstream). is being planned October 2018 FastTIMES Vol 23, 4. Contributions are invited from presenters at technical sessions at recent SAGEEP Conferences, indeed from any geophysicists and end-users of geophysics, globally, that are working in the field of application of geophysics to petroleum sector environmental impacts, that are wishing to reach a wider audience than just geophysicists and attendees at geophysical conferences.

This Special Volume is to be targeted for release for availability through engagement with the oil and gas and environmental industry community through peak engineering Societies focussing on environmental aspects of the range of oil and gas sector activities in the US and globally. FastTIMES Vol 23, 4  Petroleum Sector (upstream and downstream) Environmental impacts (October) issue hopes to solicit example case histories covering groundwater, environmental (mapping/monitoring, modelling/managing) and geotechnical applications, as applicable to the entire range of the oil and gas operations and impact cycle from exploration, development/production (extraction/injection/fracking), transportation (road/rail/pipeline), processing, legacy oilfield operations, distribution (LNAPL/DNAPL gas station outlets cleanups) and includes re-use of exploration data and seismicity.  

Deadlines: Draft Articles and Advertising October 19th; Advertising and Final Copy October 26th.
If you would like to contribute to this Special Volume please contact Geoff Pettifer, [email protected].



Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal

The Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal is given to a recipient with consistent contributions of high-quality scientific achievements and service to the Earth sciences having lasting, historic value; who has been recognized for accomplishments in field(s) of expertise by professional societies, universities, or other organizations; and is a senior scientist nearing completion or has completed full-time regular employment. Prior to 2007 it had been called the AGI Legendary Geoscientist Award.

The deadline for nominations for the coming year is February 1, 2019.  The nomination process is not very cumbersome, only a one page form is required; however, the strongest nominations are likely to be those that include letters of support and a CV for the nominee. 

Further descriptions of these awards, along with links to nomination procedures and forms, can be found on-line at


Get Connected - Get Involved 

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Corporate Membership
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  • a brief profile and linked corporate logo on the Corporate Members page of the EEGS website
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