April, 2018

EEGS Newsletter

In This Issue...

  1. EEGS Board of Directors Election Results
  2. Janet Simms Awarded Journal's "Best Paper" Awarded at SAGEEP
  3. Save the Date!  SAGEEP 2019 March 17-21, 2019 in Portland, Oregon USA
  4. EEGS and EAGE Collaborate to Produce SAGEEP
  5. Nashville SAGEEP's Full Program Declared a Success!

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EEGS Board of Directors Election Results are In!

Thank you EEGS members for your votes!  The newly elected 2018-19 EEGS Board members were welcomed at SAGEEP 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee USA and are listed below.  To view contact information, click Board of Directors members,  Board members who completed their terms of service were thanked and recognized at SAGEEP 2018 as well.    

Returning Board Members:

LAURA SHERROD  Immediate Past President
Kutztown University Pennsylvania

RICK A. HOOVER  President
Quality Geosciences Company

MICHAEL KALINSKI  Vice President - Committees
University of Kentucky


Missouri University of Science and Technology

JOHN M. JACKSON  At-Large Member
USACE South Pacific Division Range Support Center/Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise, Huntsville

Geosoft, Inc.

PEETER PEHME  At-Large Member
Waterloo Geophysics/G360 University of Guelph

Incoming Board Members:

Vista Clara, Inc.

Pika International

LIA MARTINEZ  Member at Large
Mount Sopris Equipment Co., Inc.

Olson Engineering

DALE WERKEMA  President - Elect
US Environmental Protection Agency

Janet Simms Awarded JEEG's Best Paper Award 

This year's Best Paper Award winner is Janet Simms for her publication In Situ Root Volume Estimation Using Ground Penetrating Radar, featured in the September, 2017 issue of JEEG, Vol. 22, Issue 3.  Current JEEG editor Dale Rucker said "Dr. Simms paper on root mapping with GPR exemplifies the type of paper that JEEG should host for the near surface geophysical community.  It was thorough, applicable across a number of fields, and very well presented."  To submit to the Journal, click here.

Dale Rucker, Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG) editor and the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society are proud to offer the Best Paper Award for outstanding contribution to the JEEG.  The award is given each year in honor of Alan Witten, the first editor of JEEG. Prof. Witten was an educator, writer, and adventurer.  He had some notable discoveries under his belt:  An appearance on the History Channel, locating the longest dinosaur, which was a model for the movie Jurassic Park; discovering Capt. Kidd's sunken treasure ship off Madagascar;  and exploring a 6,500-year-old civilization in Israel.  

Save the Date!  Portland, Oregon USA is the Place
and March 17-21, 2019 are the Dates for SAGEEP 2019!

Exciting news dominated SAGEEP this past March.  First, EEGS announced that Portland, Oregon USA will host the 32nd SAGEEP to be held March 17-21, 2019.  The host hotel name, Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, says it all:  Attendees will be choosing between a Willamette River waterfront or downtown Portland city view.  SAGEEP 2019 will be situated near well known attractions such as Keller Auditorium, Riverplace Marina, Portland State University, the Moda Center, the International Rose Test Garden, Pearl District, and the Portland Zoo. 

Second, EEGS announced an agreement with EAGE to collaborate on the production of SAGEEP beginning with SAGEEP 2019 (see following news item).  And that's not all:  The EEGS Board approved the addition of a new position, Vice President Pre Elect - SAGEEP, to ensure sufficient lead time to select the most attractive and suitable cities and venues possible for the spring meeting.  This "SAGEEP VP in training" position is also intended to bring greater continuity to the program development process.  If you would like to participate on the SAGEEP 2019 planning committee, please email [email protected].   Typical roles include General Chair, Technical Program Chair, Short Course Chair, Field Trips Chair, and Student Event Chair.  Other areas of contribution are also welcome!  Portland Oregon Video


SAGEEP 2019 to Benefit from
EEGS and EAGE Collaboration

Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) and the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) representatives signed a joint agreement at SAGEEP 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee outlining the collaborative efforts which will be used to produce SAGEEP, beginning with SAGEEP 2019 in Portland, Oregon March 17-21, 2019. With a shared intent to provide the near surface geophysics community with the highest quality and most timely solutions possible to geophysical engineering and environmental problems and cutting edge research, the two groups have already begun to target topics and areas of interest across multiple disciplines. The architects of the agreement believe combined efforts to explore new approaches to structuring SAGEEP will result in an enhanced SAGEEP experience, a wider audience and the growth necessary to sustain this important, unique educational offering in the marketplace.

EEGS President Laura Sherrod announced the agreement during the EEGS annual meeting and Business Luncheon, inviting Oliver Kuras, chair, Near Surface Geoscience Division and EAGE Executive Director Marcel van Loon to share details of the agreement, the roles of each organization and an assertion that SAGEEP attendees, members of both organizations and the near surface geophysics community will benefit from the alliance. 


Delegates Declare Nashville's 2018 Symposium
"Another Successful SAGEEP!" 

SAGEEP 2018 attendees were definitely challenged as they decided how to spend their "SAGEEP time."  The full program offered over 200 oral presentations, nearly 45 poster presentations, 6 Short Course offerings, Paul Bauman's talk on groundwater exploration methods in East Africa at the GWB Luncheon, exhibitors' equipment demonstrations conducted on the grounds of The Hermitage followed by a BBQ dinner in The Hermitage's rustic, historic Cabin by the Spring, bluegrass music and line dancing lessons on the veranda were offered during the 5-day symposium this past March!  And, to the surprise of the Opening Session attendees, Geophysical Elvis made a special appearance at the Opening Session - as part of his "2018 Comeback Concert!"   

Students and non-students gathered at a Nashville music venue for networking and listening to noted song writers tell their stories and perform their songs.  SAGEEP registrants were fortunate to have two geophysical field trip choices on different days.  By all accounts, those who attended either the karst or dams tours came away thoroughly impressed with both the "field hands" (field trip leaders) and the visits to Mammoth Cave and the Corvette Museum as well as the trip to Center Hill and Normandy dams. 

General Chair Bill Doll began the planning process with a goal to assemble a SAGEEP program reflective of the southeastern US region - in the Technical Program, selection of invited speakers/presenters and the types of networking choices.  Feedback to date suggests SAGEEP 2018 was successful on all counts.  (If you have not provided your feedback, please take a few minutes to do so in the SAGEEP 2018 electronic survey email  with a link to the online questionnaire being sent soon.)

The near surface geophysics community stepped up in a very real way at SAGEEP 2018 and contributed to two worthy fund raising initiatives conducted by the EEGS Foundation and SEG's Geoscientists without Borders® (GWB).  EEGS Foundation leaders express their gratitude to all who participated in the Online Auction, new this year, and the Silent Auction, featuring some pretty interesting items up for bid at their booth in the Exhibit Hall!  Those who attended GWB's fund-raising luncheon came away from Paul Bauman's presentation knowing more about his and his team's work in Eastern Africa and feeling inspired and proud to be members of the near surface geophysics community. GWB's contributions enable dedicated geoscientists and students to use their skills in humanitarian applications of geophysics all over the world.


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