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 Subject : What member benefits would you like to see?.. 01/08/2015 10:07:02 PM 
Jacob Sheehan
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As membership committee chair I have been talking to fellow board members about what needs to change with regards to member benefits in order to make being a member of EEGS more meaningful. While we have come up with a lot of ideas, I want to see what the general membership thinks is missing from their membership benefits. Please feel free to post ideas here, or email them to me at [email protected].

 Subject : Re:What member benefits would you like to see?.. 04/02/2015 07:57:45 PM 
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Interesting. In my opinion, being a member of EEGS is just as meaningful as any other organizations such as SEG, EAGE,...

Unless other organizations reward member with something more than being part of a great geophysical society (excluding free access to articles, discount to conference, etc...), we could look into what other organizations offer to their member that we don't.

Maybe a title status on EEGS website with # of years being a EEGS member, and every 5-10 yrs you receive a special recognition ribbon with an additional discount to SAGEEP, etc... (I am merely throwing out the first idea that comes to mind)

But a good place to start is by looking what other organizations are offering/rewarding to their member that we don't.
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