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EEGS Solicits Ideas and Input on Role of Near Surface Community in Support/Recovery Activities

The members and staff of EEGS extend our thoughts and concerns for those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Recovery from this disaster of epic proportions will require coordinated efforts on many fronts including the near surface geophysical community. We encourage you to donate funds to the Red Cross, the Greater Houston Community Foundation or other certified action groups. EEGS is actively soliciting ideas and input for how the near surface community can aid in recovery activities.  Please send your ideas and input to

Burlington, Vermont Site of 2017 Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater Conference

NGWA is hosting the 2017 Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater 2-3 October in Burlington, Vermont.  Previous EEGS President Lee Slater will give the Keynote Presentation: Seeing Beyond the Borehole Wall: Advances in Hydrogeophysics for Multiscale Characterization and Monitoring in Fractured Rock Aquifers.  Learn more:

New FastTIMES Editor-in-Chief Named

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Geoff Pettifer as our new Editor-in-Chief for FastTIMES. Geoff is a Principal Consultant – Hydrogeology and Geophysics at GHD, with over 45 years specialized experience in the practical application of geophysics to groundwater, geotechnical, mining, environmental, infrastructure, petroleum, coal and mineral resource projects. Geoff splits his time between Perth Australia and Vancouver WA, and is a former editor of ASEG Preview magazine, editing 24-issues over 4-years. His ideas come from broad experience and enthusiasm for geophysics in the industry. Geoff’s mantra is: “there is no such thing as the good old days in geophysics – the good old days are always ahead of us because we are always improving and innovating, and we need to talk that up and celebrate it.”

Geoff will become the 12th editor for FastTimes, first published by EEGS in 1992, and quarterly since 1998. Past FastTIMES editors include the following individuals:
Phil Carpenter 1992-1993
Steve Daut 1993-1997
Michael Powers 1997-1998 V3:2
Ron Kaufmann 1999-2001 V4:1-V6:1
Rick Taylor 2001-2001 V6:2-V7:2
Norm Carlson 2002-2003 V 7:3-V8-3
Ron Bell 2004-2005 V9:1-V10:1
Brad Isbell 2005-2006 V10-2-V10-3
Jeffrey G Paine 2006-2009 V11:1-V14:1
Moe Momayez 2009-2012 V14:2-V17:2
Barry Allred 2013-2017 V18:3-V22:2

Call for Speakers - EEGS Student Chapters Need Your Expertise!

EEGS Student Chapters are looking for speakers to visit their institutions and speak to the groups. The EEGS website will host a list of names and contact information of willing speakers on the Student Chapters web page. If you are willing to support our student chapters in this manner, let us know. Submit the following to your name, job title, contact information, a brief summary of your area of expertise or link to your website, and the state or regions in which you might be able to present. Your name will become part of the list, giving our student members the opportunity to tap your experience.

Bylaws Revisions Voting Period Ends

The membership has voted and the results of the EEGS Board of Directors' proposed revisions to the Bylaws will be publicized soon.  The EEGS Board of Directors has the task of overseeing the planning of the annual symposium, SAGEEP.  In recent years, it has been a struggle to get the job done in a timely manner. To facilitate the task, the Board proposed revising the bylaws of the society, which currently, provides for two VP SAGEEP positions: one to plan the current SAGEEP and the second to plan SAGEEP for the next year.  The proposed revisions alter the bylaws to allow for a third VP SAGEEP position to plan for SAGEEP two years in advance.  


SAGEEP 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee USA March 25-29, 2018
Technical Program Co-chairs Announce Session Topics

SAGEEP 2018 will be held March 25-29, 2018 in Nashville Tennessee, a region of North America with numerous attributes of interest to near surface geophysicists. Karst features, including Mammoth Cave, are abundant within a short distance of Nashville; a few hundred miles west lies the New Madrid fault zone, site of two of the largest earthquakes in the continental US (1811-1812), and east Tennessee has issues related to coal mining as well as chemical and nuclear wastes. The Tennessee river flows east to west across most of the state with numerous dams and levees. These features, along with topics of national and international interest (infrastructure, renewable and unconventional energy, water, geohazards, unexploded ordnance, etc.) will form the core of a timely and relevant technical program. 

Technical Co-Chairs Andrew Parsekian and Oliver Kuras have announced session topics in preparation for announcing the opening of the abstract submission site.  The deadline this year for submissions is October 20, 2017.  If you would like to help coordinate a session, please contact the technical co-chairs at and  Questions or recommendations related to the conference can be sent to General Chair William Doll,  Link to webpage:

Geohazard Detection and Assessment Using Drones

A short course on Applying Drones to Geoscientific Mapping will be held at the Association of Engineering and Environmental Geologists annual meeting on 16 September 2017. Click here to learn more.  

A post conference workshop on Applying Drones to Geophysical Mapping will be held at the SEG Annual Meeting on 29 September 2017.  Click here for more information.



NAE Workshop on Joint Societies' Engineering Student Grand Challenges Competition - EEGS Representative Wanted

The National Academy of Engineering workshop on the Engagement of Engineering Societies in Undergraduate Engineering Education was held earlier this year and 5 follow on meetings on various topics are planned. The first follow up meeting, which will be on the idea raised at the workshop of creating a "Joint-Society" student challenge that encourages and demonstrates multidisciplinary solutions to the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering, will be held on Sept. 18, 2017 in Los Angeles. Led by IEEE, more than 10 technical professional societies expressed a strong interest in exploring this idea at the workshop and several more have expressed interest since.   If you would like to participate and represent EEGS in helping to create "solutions for humanity," please contact and additional information will be provided.

To continue the discussions, the NAE will be hosting the planning workshop on the campus of the University of Southern California. This one-day workshop will bring together engineering society leaders, engineering educators, students and other stakeholders to reach consensus on the competition concept and criteria and develop an implementation plan and timetable.

It is anticipated that the competition will offer the professional societies a collaborative platform to reinforce their own efforts to impact undergraduate engineering education while engaging students in a 'big-picture" view of the role of engineering in creating solutions for humanity.

Please share this announcement with your colleagues as appropriate. Space is limited and the workshop is by invitation. Those interested in attending or who would like more information should contact EEGS or Ken Jarboe at


Special Issue of FastTIMES Just Published!

Editor Barry Allred has published the latest issue of FastTIMES - a special issue, Environmental Geophysics.  For the latest issue, click here.


Latest issue of the Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics Published

Editor Dale Rucker announced the publication and availability of the June, 2017 issue (Vol. 22.2).

Geophysicist Wanted!

 Entry-level Geophysics Position is the most recent job posting on the Geophysics Careers webpage - check it out! 

EEGS Co-sponsors AGI's Planning for Coastal Storm and Erosion Hazards Webinar

EEGS is pleased to announce that it will co-sponsor AGI's Coastal Hazards webinar taking place on Thursday July 6th, 2017, providing information about efforts to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to coastal storms, erosion, and associated hazards at the federal, state, and local level. An introductory talk and three case studies from around the U.S. will cover examples of coastal hazard planning from the Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic coasts, with a focus on how geoscience informs planning at all stages. The speakers will be Maria Honeycutt (NOAA Office of Coastal Management), Patrick Barnard (USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center), Jeff Taebel (Houston-Galveston Area Council), and Jennifer Kline (Georgia Department of Natural Resources). Target audiences for this event are local, state, and federal policy makers and their staff, plus students, educators, and interested members of the wider geoscientific community.  Read More .  Registration URL: Webinar webpage on AGI website:


EEGS Going to the NGWA Groundwater Summit!

Join fellow industry professionals from around the world at NGWA’s preeminent technical conference, the Groundwater Summit, which will be focusing in 2017 on “Instrumental to your Research and Practice."  The Summit will be held during Groundwater Week December 4-7 at the Music City Center in Nashville.  Its “All things Groundwater” and is a great place to catch up with colleagues, clients, and technology.  EEGS will have a special session of approximately six invited papers selected from SAGEEP 2017.  The papers cover a variety of topics in surface and borehole methods for groundwater applications.  Learn more.


Earth Science Week - How Will You Mark the Event?

Since October 1998, the American Geosciences Institute has organized this national and international event to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth Sciences and to encourage stewardship of the Earth. This year's Earth Science Week will be held from October 8-14, 2017 and will celebrate the theme "Earth and Human Activity." This year’s event, the 20th annual Earth Science Week celebration, promotes awareness of what geoscience tells us about human interaction with the planet’s natural systems and processes.  Earth Science Week 2017 learning resources and activities are engaging young people and others in exploring the relationship between human activity and the geosphere (earth), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (life). This year’s theme promotes public understanding and stewardship the planet, especially in terms of the ways people affect and are affected by these Earth systems.  To mark the occasion of the 20th annual Earth Science Week, AGI and key program partners are launching a slate of new initiatives, materials, and other offerings for participants throughout the year. Details will be announced in the coming months at


Recorded AGI Webinar Available Now

EEGS co-sponsored AGI's recent successful and well-attended Critical Issues Webinar, "State Responses to Induced Earthquakes," which attracted a total of 813 registrants and 372 live attendees (not including people who watched in groups) from 47 U.S. states and 26 countries around the world.  The recorded webinar has been made publicly available at the following link:


Want a Sneak Preview of the Next Issue of the Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics (JEEG)?

JEEG Editor Dale Rucker announced the availability of a new Advanced Preview listing for those interested in upcoming JEEG articles which have completed the peer review process and have been assigned a specific issue for publication.  Check the listing each month for new additions.