Annual Meeting/Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP)

SAGEEP provides geophysicists, engineers, geoscientists and end-users from around the world an opportunity to meet and discuss near-surface applications of geophysics and learn about recent developments in near-surface geophysics.

SAGEEP is internationally recognized as the leading conference on the practical application of shallow geophysics. Since 1988 at the Colorado School of Mines, the symposium has been held over a 5-day period at locations throughout the United States, with approximately 150 oral and poster presentations, several educational short courses and workshops, numerous vendor presentations, and a commercial exhibition. A set of proceedings, comprised of technical presentations, is distributed on CD (ISSN 1554-8015) and available online as part of the EEGS Research Collection.

To present (oral or poster) at SAGEEP 2018, click here to learn more about submitting your abstract online.