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Alert: Call for FastTIMES articles, announcements, and advertisements

The editors of are now accepting articles and advertisements for inclusion in the FastTIMES Vol. 24.5 and 25.2 to 25.5. Articles should be submitted to the Editor: Geoff Pettifer ([email protected]). Advertising inquiries should be sent to David Valintine [email protected] or Jackie Jacoby ([email protected]).

FastTIMES 2019 Publishing Schedule – Special Issue and General Article Contributions

Vol 24, 5 – Special Issue Geophysics for Geological Mapping – Final Copy and Advertising Deadline Extended to December 20th, 2019

Geological surveys in the US and internationally are already being engaged and are planning to submit articles on status of mapping programs and case examples of the use of geophysics to carry out modern multi-purpose (end use) digital geological mapping. In addition, we are seeking case histories from consultants and researchers about how available Government geophysical / geological mapping has been used and has been able to assist your near-surface investigation projects (mineral resource, groundwater, environmental and geotechnical).





Vol 25, 2 to 5, 2020 – FastTIMES – SILVER JUBILEE Year – 25 years – Call for Contributions
Help make FastTIMES 25th year of digital publication memorable. We are calling for the following themed Special Issues in 2020: -

Additionally, content in the following areas is solicited for each issue:

Success with Geophysics: Stories from the Field Narratives describing how geophysics has been applied to address an engineering or environmental issue. 
The New Geoscience

A new feature - one or two page contributions from graduate students or recent graduates in geosciences sharing news of projects they are working on.

New Tools Short noncommercial descriptions of new geophysical instruments with engineering or environmental promise.
Industry Corner Brief company profiles and news regarding significant company events
Coming Events Descriptions of conferences, workshops, or other events of interest to the near-surface community
Recent Events Summaries of recent conferences, workshops, or other special events written by organizers or attendees, recognizing that we can't all attend everything
Opportunities A listing of professional and student opportunities that might include internships, faculty or postdoc positions, scholarships, and job openings

Articles on any subject touching upon geophysics are now being accepted.  Please direct requests for additional information to the Editor: Geoff Pettifer ([email protected]).  

Note: FastTIMES continues to look for Guest Editors who are interested in organizing a FastTIMES issue around a special topic within the Guest Editor's area of expertise. For more information, please contact Geoff Pettifer ([email protected]) if you would like to serve as a FastTIMES Guest Editor.

Article and advertising examples can be viewed in the most recent issue of FastTIMES. Advertising inquiries should be directed to Jackie Jacoby ([email protected] or 303-531-7517). Color advertisements are available at the same cost as black-and-white, and advertisements are now hyperlinked to advertisers' web sites.

All other content should be sent to a member of the editorial team:
Editor:  Geoff Pettifer ([email protected])
Associate Editor:  Ron Kaufmann ([email protected])
Associate Editor:  Moe Momayez ([email protected])
Associate Editor:  Daniel P. Bigman ([email protected])
Associate Editor:  Katherine Grote ([email protected])
Associate Editor:  Nedra Bonal ([email protected])
Associate Editor:  Nigel Cassidy ([email protected])