FastTIMES is a quarterly electronic newsmagazine for the near-surface geophysical sciences published by the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society. It showcases novel uses of near-surface geophysics in a manner that is intended to be interesting to geophysicists as well as accessible to others who may be interested in using geophysics for a particular class of problems. The FastTIMES audience is mostly near-surface geophysicists, but the publication is also distributed to other professional societies with an interest in the engineering, environmental, and geological applications of geophysics. Per-issue downloads typically number about 10,000.

As a potential author, you should review the most recent issues of FastTIMES to get a feel for article style and length. Length is open, but it is best not to make your paper overly long or overly technical to encourage the broadest possible readership. Roughly speaking, four to six pages of manuscript text and a few compelling figures are reasonable goals. Submissions can be longer or shorter.

The FastTIMES staff prefers to receive separate text and graphics documents that can be easily edited and modified during the layout process. Please prepare your manuscript in Microsoft Word or some other common text editor. You should include separate graphics files (color is encouraged). Raster images (jpg or tiff, for example) at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (120 pixels per cm) or greater at final size are best; images should be at least 1800 pixels in both dimensions. You may send a pdf version of your manuscript to accompany the separate text files and graphic images that will be used to create the final article. Figures and tables should have complete captions. For citations and references, please follow this format:

    Smith, A. B., Collins, R. A., and Simpkins, T. V., 2008,
    Amazing and incredible results from time-domain
    EM: FastTIMES, v. 12, no. 3, p. 55-67.

References such as this one should be cited in the text as “Smith and others, 2008.”

Text and graphics files can be sent to the editor by email or uploaded by ftp if they are too large to email. Contact the editor for upload instructions.

There is no charge for publication of articles in FastTIMES, but voluntary contributions to EEGS are welcome. If you choose to contribute, please indicate that your contribution is intended to support FastTIMES.

Content inquiries should be sent to the FastTIMES Editor, German Ojeda ([email protected]).