proposed merger updates


EEGS leadership has arranged for a special opportunity to provide an update and answer questions about current talks between EEGS and the SEG concerning a potential merger.  The EEGS Board and Task Force members who are negotiating with the SEG are committed to offering as many communication avenues as possible; therefore, an EEGS/SEG Merger Forum is scheduled for the lunch break on Monday, March 17 in Arlington (session room) from 12:45 to 1:30 SAGEEP 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts USA.

EEGS members are invited to attend (everyone is welcome) this important Forum to get the latest developments and answers to your questions.  Merging with the SEG entails the dissolution of EEGS as a corporate entity and the formation of a new, wholly owned, NS-focused subsidiary of the SEG.  At the completion of the negotiations, a vote of the EEGS and the SEG’s Near Surface Section memberships will be required- it’s important for EEGS members to understand the process and implications.  Join fellow EEGS members leadership to find out more about:

  • the status of the Agreement between EEGS and the SEG to merge EEGS and SEG’s Near Surface Section memberships and affirm SEG’s formation of a new, near surface-focused wholly owned subsidiary. 
  • a  timeline of a potential merger.
  • a potential EEGS Membership vote and what it means to you.

EEGS and SEG Board Announcements

In 2010, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Executive Committee began an ongoing, active conversation with the Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (EEGS) leadership about cooperative efforts in support of the near-surface community.  Over the past 18 months, a combined SEG and EEGS task force was formed to explore the possibility and feasibility of combining EEGS with the SEG to form the foundation of a strong global home for members of the near-surface community. Based on the recommendations of the task force, the SEG Board of Directors, during its February, 2014 meeting, voted to approve the creation of an autonomous business entity for near-surface activities that would operate under the SEG umbrella and the creation of a new near-surface journal that meets SEG publications standards for professionalism and scientific merit. 

The same recommendations were presented to the EEGS Board of Directors for approval during its March, 2013 meeting at SAGEEP.  As a result, the EEGS Board passed the following motion:
The EEGS Board has assessed documents related to a potential merger and we have been briefed on the current model for the merged society and its operation. Considerable effort has been invested by members of the Task Force; we laud the progress they have made and are encouraged by the developments to date.  We believe the SEG-EEGS Terms of Merger, dated January 1, 2013, are largely reasonable, but include a number of unresolved items and lack the level of detail necessary for the EEGS Board of Directors to review and present to the EEGS membership for a vote.  We approve bringing an SEG-EEGS merger recommendation to the EEGS membership, contingent upon developing acceptable details and documents related to the merger.

Upon successful resolution of the outstanding items, the next steps call for a formal merger agreement to be drafted and an opportunity provided for the EEGS membership and the SEG's Near Surface Geophysics Section to vote on the merger.  

Feedback on this topic is welcomed.  Please feel free to contact EEGS via email at

EEGS Members of the Task Force:

Bill Doll
Mark Dunscomb
Doug Laymon
John Nicholl
Catherine Skokan
Bruce Smith
John Stowell